Bahamas Mapathon volunteers aid in Hurricane Dorian relief

Students, faculty connect with Ancilleno "Leno" Davis (Miami Ph.D. '18) via Skype

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Slide 1: Miami University’s Bahamas Mapathon drew about 100 students and faculty to help in the recovery efforts.

Slide 2: The department of geography and its Geospatial Analysis Center held the event after Hurricane Dorian devastated the islands.

Slide 3: Ancilleno “Leno” Davis, (Miami PhD ’18) who works in the Bahamas, connected through Skype.

Slide 4: He thanked the volunteers for their help.

Slide 5: Davis is sustainability coordinator on Blue Lagoon Island.

Slide 6: In 2017, he participated in Miami’s Mapathon for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Slide 7: “You never expect to do it for your own country,” the Bahamian native said.

Slide 8: Volunteers used open source mapping from satellite data to pinpoint buildings and roads Dorian wiped out.

Slide 9: The data will help in recovery efforts on the ground.

Slide 10: Robbyn Abbitt, associate director of the Geospatial Analysis Center, said mapathons give students a chance to engage with the global community using skills they’re learning.

Slide 11: “It seemed like a good way to help people in the Bahamas who are struggling.” — Jack DiCesare, a first-year student

Slide 12: So many people turned out to take part in the mapathon, they had to open another computer lab.

Slide 13: