Miami 2020 Plan

Students cheer on the Redhawks during a sporting event at Miami University.

Additional UCM 2020 Objectives and Strategies that Provide Indirect Support for the University-Level Goals

UCM 5: University objective that supports all university areas: The Miami Brand

Aggressively promote, advance, and protect the Miami brand in support of all major Miami 2020 goals.

UCM Strategies

  • Firmly establish the function of and visibility of the Trademarks and Licensing Office on and off campus and increase scholarship revenues by doing the following:
    • educating Miami staff on how to generate more revenues through the office
    • expanding the number of retailers who carry Miami product
    • implementing campus-wide promotions and capitalizing on major events
    • enhancing and expanding Athletics promotions and brand standards
    • sending a monthly T&L newsletter to enhance vendor relationships
    • creating a new ShopMiamiOH website to promote vendors and sales
    • establishing a prestigious university vintage line of merchandise
    • assisting the University Bookstore with marketing promotion
  • Expand social media efforts and enhance the quality of such efforts through a comprehensive social media guidelines/policies resource, ongoing training of campus unit social media coordinators, hosting president tweet-ups, chairing a campuses-wide Social Media Council, and ongoing analysis/review of evolving trends.
  • Update Report Card publication and extend its impact as an external relations tool.
  • Partner with Athletics to create a stronger, cohesive branded presence and help them achieve better efficiency through utilization of UCM resources.
  • Complete marketing research, present to the community, and advise areas on using results strategically.
  • Conduct brand and messaging workshops to help decentralized communicators and marketers be more effective and maximize external messages.
  • Re-design Miamian in collaboration with Advancement and expand distribution to all alumni.
  • Establish a Brand Advisory Board once the marketing research and 2020 plan are completed.
  • Implement a Spring image campaign based on marketing research findings and tie in major markets through dedicated "city" websites showcasing Miami talent.
  • Reduce former Fall media buy dollars in favor of more targeted message delivery for prospective students, in collaboration with Enrollment Management.
  • Continue to test concepts and begin new-freshmen focus groups for qualitative feedback on their recruiting experience and the materials used to reach them.
  • Expand and provide more resources for the Communications Council, including a forum for discussion and resolution of mar/comm related issues.
  • Complete expansion of banners around campus and rotate messaging to increase positive visitor perceptions (and internal points of pride).
  • Convert trolleys now transporting students to branded Miami trolleys.
UCM 6: University objective that supports all university areas: Achieve recruitment targets

Continue to partner with enrollment management to achieve university targets for applications, early decision, and incoming class through targeted marketing messaging and creative execution, web support, news/public relations, and enhanced electronic, digital, and creative assets.

UCM Strategies

  • Complete Communications Flow audit for Enrollment Management and establish unified, bolder messaging targeted to the most critical markets, as identified by data analysis in Enrollment Management, for use by EM recruiters, tour guides, and communicators.
  • Create a web position in UCM primarily dedicated to the new Enrollment Center.
  • Incorporate publicity and social media enhancements timed to complement Communications Flow tactics.
  • Continue to test and refine messaging points to convey Miami's distinctive attributes overall so the EM team can regularly adapt in its own communications efforts.
  • Utilize completed marketing research to adapt messaging and materials so they remain relevant to audiences and to better target audiences.
  • Create a technologically enhanced and more personalized campus visit (in keeping with brand promise) and post-visit experience, in partnership with Enrollment Management.
  • Complete division videos to complement divisional recruiting.
  • Complete division seminal publication pieces to further enhance recruiting.
  • Overhaul CAS, CEC, OARS, FSB, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and CCA sites to complete the major sections of the new university website.
  • Work on a more efficient process in both EM and UCM to improve time spent on the vast amount of materials needed to support incoming class goals.
  • Create a "snapshots" publication (mini-viewbook) that summarizes the best of all divisions to help EM better promote division offerings.
  • Expand Academic Scholars messaging and promotion.
  • Promote enrollment partnerships with other campuses via news, marketing and social media.
  • Upgrade virtual tour to include more multimedia elements.
  • Re-create and launch new Admission/Enrollment Center "one-stop" website and provide tools and training to keep it current and advanced, utilizing diagnostics to measure effectiveness.
  • Provide creative strategy and material to promote winter and summer terms.
  • Divert dollars from a fall media buy to a more one-to-one approach to targeted prospective students.
  • Include a full page "ad" in each Miamian in support of EM objectives, and profile the incoming class annually.