Miami 2020 Plan

Students cheer on the Redhawks during a sporting event at Miami University.

UCM Contributions to Foundational Goal 2

UCM 3: University objective that most supports Foundational Goal 2: Inclusive Culture

Promote an inclusive and collaborative culture through internal partnerships with other areas of the university community, open and frequent communication, and extensive marketing and communications support for cultural programming and initiatives to help deepen understanding.

UCM strategies by partner area

  • Campus-wide: Utilize all internal and external mediums and creative execution to promote lectures, programs, study abroad stories, faculty projects, Celebrating Freedom, Freedom Summer, Tobacco-Free, sustainability, and I Am Miami.
  • Athletics: Improve communications between our offices and utilize Trademarks and Licensing to increase scholarship revenues through increased promotion increase Athletics efficiency by bringing design of marketing materials over to UCM.
  • Advancement: Continue to expand an already close relationship by capitalizing on involvement in the Foundation and Alumni boards to seek input and ideas; creatively support the celebration of and the conclusion of the Love & Honor campaign and opening of the new student center, and Winter College.
  • Advancement: Produce a hardcover coffee table book as a first-ever thank you for donor support, while also expanding its availability to all alumni as a revenue source.
  • Faculty: Partner with Mobile Learning Center by helping fund development of the student-created Miami app in collaboration with faculty.
  • Faculty: Partner with Journalism by providing monies to support an enhanced studio production capability, which will also benefit branding and publicity efforts, other campus areas and student experience.
  • Campus: Encourage every staff member in UCM to serve on campus committees
  • IT: Continue partnering on website and provide branding through digital design for IT programs such as Niihka and My Miami, and continue open communication to maintain priority status for the university website.
  • Deans: Meet regularly with deans to update them on divisional marketing tools, marketing research, web and message strategies.
  • Regional campuses and Luxembourg: Re-define brand look and feel to complement and connect to Miami branding but distinguish those campuses; new assets (photography, video) need to be created via a production team visit for this strategy to be successful for Luxembourg.
  • PFD: Support campus signage master plan through design strategy and ongoing promotion of new facilities, green energy, and other major programs.
  • HR: Continue partnership in support of Healthy Miami to encourage more participation in the program, assisting in design of staff/faculty recruitment advertising.
  • ASG: Establish a weekly e-newsletter in partnership with ASG and UCM interns to help connect the administration to students.
  • Student media: Mentor, on an ongoing basis, Miami Student reporters and journalism students
  • Journalism: Help fund studio and provide ongoing training for students in film and photography, in partnership with instructors.
  • MUPD/IRT: Maintain ongoing involvement in crisis planning and preparedness in partnership with the Institutional Response Team.
  • Enrollment Management: Continue strong support of EM goals through a more strategic Communications Flow and Plan (see EM section at end of this document), including successful continued promotion of Bridges and diversity recruitment.
Objective 1: Attract and retain a diverse community of students, faculty, staff, and administrators.


  • Promote and publicize Bridges.
  • Partner with Enrollment Management in recruiting a more diverse student body (see EM section at end of this document).
  • Fund advertising for HR to recruit diverse faculty and staff.
Objective 2: Create an environment where our people live, learn, and work cooperatively with those of widely varied backgrounds, beliefs, abilities, and lifestyles, moving beyond boundaries to welcome, seek, and understand diverse peoples and perspectives.


  • Continue leadership role in advancing I Am Miami.
  • Assist in promoting the activities of the Center for World Cultures, Celebrating Freedom, cultural events and lectures.
Objective 3: Achieve cultural competency among members of the Miami community by immersing them in domestically and globally relevant learning experiences.
  • Promote cultural competency by publicizing and marketing initiatives with the goal of maximizing the Miami community's awareness and attendance of multicultural experiences and programs.
  • Profile distinctive study abroad and global learning experiences, including creating a base of photographic and video assets to better market Luxembourg.
  • Emphasize study abroad ranking and participation to all prospects.
Objective 4: Expand, virtually and physically, Miami's global involvement.

N/A for UCM. See Objective 3, above.