Miami 2020 Plan

Students cheer on the Redhawks during a sporting event at Miami University.

UCM Contributions to Unifying Goal

UCM 1: University objective that most supports the Unifying Goal: Learning and Discovery

Communicate and market how the Miami Community achieves the vibrant learning/discovery environment and extraordinary outcomes called for in the Miami 2020 plan by providing and leveraging professional, creative mar/comm (digital, new, and traditional) resources.

UCM Strategies

  • Share the stories of faculty, students and staff who achieve 2020 learning and discovery goals by bringing to bear all the mediums at our disposal internally and externally through multiple mediums and formats to reach the maximum number of people:
    • identify stories through weekly story opportunity meetings inclusive of every discipline in UCM
    • expand communications council leadership and campus-wide story opportunity-mining
    • market student, staff, faculty profiles in promotional, electronic and news mediums
    • feature distinctive internships and co-op accomplishments and expand visibility through advanced hometown news release technology
  • Allow students to promote themselves through Merit, an online program where they showcase their accomplishments and progress during their Miami experience.
  • Create a searchable web database to make it easy to find and promote topics experts.
  • Transition of SEAS, CAS, Student Affairs, Admission, and News websites and roll out remainder of site plans based on administrative priority.
  • Promote and tell the story of the new student center and distinctive aspects of it in coordination with Student Affairs, Advancement, and the Office of the President.
  • Feature student-developed stories and productions in Miamian and other UCM-produced media to demonstrate co-curricular learning (up to 20 students per year).
  • Expand web storefront with more templates for print and electronic materials to reduce costs for campus printing while advancing attractive brand standards.
  • Create a presentation containing outstanding Miami facts for use by all staff and faculty.
  • Continue leadership role in establishing a new, centralized University Calendar and, once implemented, train communicators and calendar users on using it effectively; link to external community calendars.
  • Expand Web Digital Asset Management system and organize it so university decentralized marketers and communicators can access more photographs and digital content.
  • Implement ongoing training for those migrating to the new Content Management System, and ongoing training for Web Accessibility as requirements grow.
  • Find more ways to reach students to share opportunities in learning and discovery areas, including testing a creative weekly electronic communication.
  • Earn reputation-enhancing attention via reformatted, more accessible news that appeals to more types of audiences (including students).

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Although UCM’s staff is not large in size, we are in four different locations, making the integration and sharing of communications and marketing functions that are so important to our success, and that are interdependent on each other, difficult. Proximity is paramount due to the nature of our jobs.
Objective 1: Prepare students for success at Miami and beyond through a liberal and applied education emphasizing inquiry-based experiential learning that integrates many disciplines.

Strategies (indirect)

  • Promote graduation rates and career and graduate/professional school outcomes in all key marketing and communications materials and image-building campaigns, making them a major message focus of prospective student recruitment.
  • Layer messages through multiple mediums, including electronic and print.
  • Profile faculty and staff who help students achieve success in outstanding ways (internally and externally).
  • Share the stories of students and graduates who have been successful.
  • Publicize the resources, events, and programs – in partnership with campus divisions and areas – that help students graduate and achieve success afterward.
  • Help students showcase their progress and achievements through a customized Merit online program.
Objective 2: Immerse faculty, undergraduate and graduate students in research and creative scholarship that forms a vital part of the learning experience.

Strategies (indirect)

  • Provide an extensive marketing, digital, electronic, and news work experience for approximately 10 students per semester, giving them the opportunity to earn bylines, train and interact with campus leaders, and produce an impressive body of publications and other portfolio-quality work.
  • Publicize the work and accomplishments of faculty and staff through daily internal communications and external public relations.
  • Share the stories of distinctive research and creative scholarship through story placement, video and photography, web and marketing material testimonials and profiles, news releases targeted to hometown newspapers, the president’s and faculty/staff newsletters, and pitches to appropriate external media.
Objective 3: Engage students with substantive co-curricular and internship opportunities that augment their learning and establish a strong foundation for lifelong success, growth, and adaptability.


  • Disseminate distinctive co-curricular and internship stories, complemented with multimedia, via web and marketing material, testimonials and profiles, news releases targeted to hometown newspapers, the president’s and faculty/staff newsletters, and pitches to appropriate external media.
  • Internally, provide internships to 4-5 students each year, helping them build an impressive portfolio of creative work.
Objective 4: Offer flexible pathways to and through the university, including interdisciplinary, e-learning and multiple degree options, to help students achieve timely and cost-effective completion.
  • Produce promotional literature and online information for divisions and departments/areas to make students and parents more aware of the flexible pathways to and through the university; pitches stories to external media about unique accomplishments and individuals; producing faculty expert guides and pitching faculty as experts to media; and producing prospective student and parent material describing these opportunities.