CASE V Award

BRONZE – Excellence in Photography - “Campus Scenes” series
CASE Award winning photograph of Miami University's campus

Photo Asset Downloads

Photo bronze award

Goal: increase number of assets and number of downloads by 5%

Approximate image downloads 

  • 2017: approximately 60,000
  • 2016: 29,541
  • 2015: 19,133 

Photo assets accumulated in PhotoShelter

  • as of June 2016: 78,110
  • as of June 2017: 133,000

PhotoShelter user accounts

  • as of June 2017: 1,300

PhotoShelter summary

Photo jobs breakdown, July 2016 - June 2017

Photo job breakdown by division

360 Degree Photography

Top 360 Photograph:
Farmer School of Business Gates, corner of High Street and Patterson, 35,000+ views

(click and drag on the image to change the viewpoint or use the camera controls in the lower right)

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