Our Values

In UCM, we….

Focus on the holistic DEVELOPMENT of the professional and the person.
We provide opportunities to learn and train, internally and externally.
We provide mentorship.
We make time to explore ideas that excite us.
We provide pathways for career growth.
We onboard new employees.

COMMUNICATE effectively.
We listen first.
We are transparent and forthcoming with information.
We are honest.
We provide feedback respectfully and constructively.
We address issues before they become problems.
We use data and research to support our decisions.

COLLABORATE and work as a team.
We work in cross-functional teams.
We utilize the expertise we have.
We value everyone's voice and perspective equally.
We all participate.
We present as a united front when interacting with clients.

Hold ourselves and each other ACCOUNTABLE.
We trust each other to do our part.
We have autonomy to work in the way we are most effective.
We create an environment that allows for a healthy work-life blend.
We act with integrity.
We learn from non-successes.
We question actions that are inconsistent with our values.

LEAD from where we are.
We are empowered to take initiative.
We understand that leadership is not a title, but a practice.
We provide access to resources and training to develop our leadership skills.
Embrace and encourage CREATIVITY.
We make time to stay inspired.
We challenge status quos with innovation.
We have fun inclusively.
We take risks and have courage.

RESPECT and APPRECIATE each other.
We celebrate each other’s successes.
We encourage each other and stay positive in the face of challenges.
We treat each other with respect.
We act with empathy and integrity.
We acknowledge that we each have different styles for working, communicating, and having fun.

Development  *  Communication  *  Collaboration  *  Accountability  *  Leadership  *  Creativity  *  Respect  *  Appreciation