Student Organizations and University Departments

Campus departments, student organizations & club sports teams frequently purchase merchandise that uses Miami University’s brand – including but not limited to logos, symbols, trademarks, quotes and photography. These items range from promotional items to uniforms and even high-end gifts. Prior to production of any of these items, approval must be granted by the Office of University Trademarks and Licensing in order to ensure that the products meet the University’s standards.

Below are the steps to request approval:

  1. Select a licensed vendor to produce the product(s) for you.

  2. Develop artwork for the product.
    The licensed vendor that you are working with can assist you in the artwork development. The artwork must comply with all of the standards listed in this online manual. (For specific information and guidelines for University Departments & Student Organizations, please visit the Trademarks and Licensing website.

  3. The licensed vendor will submit your artwork design for approval.
    You will need to provide the vendor with the quantity you’re ordering and a description of how you’re going to be using the products in order for them to submit the artwork for approval. Once approved, the licensed vendor will forward you a copy of the approval for your records.

  4. Begin Production!
    Once approved, the licensed vendor will forward you a copy of the approval for your records and begin production of the products. You will need to upload a copy of the approval notification into Miami Buyway if you are paying for the products via a purchase order.

Note for Students: You must be an officially registered student organization through the Office of Student Activities, sorority or fraternity through the Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, or club sports team through Miami Recreation in order to use the University’s brand on merchandise.

Artwork Development (General)

  • The University’s logos may not be a part of the club sports team’s or student organization’s logo. They must be in a secondary location. (For example: If the club team’s logo is on the front of a t- shirt, the Beveled-M should be on the sleeve or back.)
    • The University’s word marks (i.e. Miami University, Miami, Miami RedHawks, RedHawks, Love & Honor, etc.) may be incorporated in the club sports team’s or student organization’s logo, with approval.
  • University Departments may not develop their own logo. To develop a center or divisional signature, please contact University Communications and Marketing.
  • Alternative versions of the University’s logos may not be created. (For example: A bird that represents the RedHawk/Swoop or an “M” that isn’t the Beveled-M.)

Artwork Development (Regionals)

  • The official Miami University Regionals logo can be used on merchandise. If a department wants to add their name, it should be in Bembo Medium Italics underneath the logo or in a secondary location.
  • On merchandise only, Regionals Departments that do not wish to use the Regionals logo can use the Beveled-M with their office name in Bembo Small Caps underneath the logo. Required safe space should be maintained between the Beveled-M and the office name. Where possible, the safe space should equal at least 1/2 the height of the Beveled-M with the minimum space being 1/3 the height of the Beveled-M.
  • On merchandise only, Regionals Departments that do not wish to use the Regionals logo can use "Miami University Regionals" in text. "Miami Regionals" in text should never be used.
  • The Miami Regionals word mark should not be used on merchandise.

Artwork Development (Club Sport Specific)

  • All club sports teams must abide to the general artwork development guidelines as well as the following guidelines.
  • All merchandise for registered club sports teams must bear the club sports logo.
  • Registered club sports teams may use the Beveled-M or RedHawk logo on their merchandise, but they must also have the club sports logo on the merchandise.
  • The club sports team’s name should be included on the merchandise:
    • An exception can be considered if the club sport could not be a varsity sport.
    • For example, the Quidditch Club could request an exemption to just use “Quidditch” on its merchandise.

Merchandise Requirements

  • The licensed vendor must source all Miami University licensed merchandise.
    • The University must know where its licensed product is produced in order to ensure that it is produced under fair and safe working conditions. Additionally, this ensures that the product’s quality meets University standards.
  • Due to the University’s sourcing policy, a student group or University department cannot buy blank product and bring it to a licensed vendor to have it embellished.
  • If you receive a final product from a licensed vendor that is incorrect or of poor quality, please contact the Office of University Trademarks and Licensing.