News and Media Relations

Students cheer on the Redhawks during a sporting event at Miami University.

We pride ourselves on providing internal and external audiences with the latest information on Miami news and events. We also provide public relations, media relations, and communications services and resources, as well as administrative information for members of the Miami community. The university's Miami Matters, and occasional Miami Matters Extra are Miami's official internal communications tools, per university policy.

In support of telling Miami’s story, our internal audience is essential and included by providing information to help them help us share Miami’s brand.

Content creation for this audience as well as for earned and social media is thoughtfully written to strategically provide branded stories as well as objective information that builds trust with all audiences. Timely response to media queries and development of informational articles support Miami’s role as a public university.

UCM staff help develop and participate in emergency communications for Miami.

Bulk Internal Email Approval

Emails sent to entire university populations such as all faculty or all undergrads, are governed by university policy that limits access to the bulk server. Often, other communication means are more efficient. See the restrictions within the posted policy, under Use of Email for University Business. Further guidelines are in the IT Knowledge Base.

Sharing News Stories

Divisions and departments are encouraged to write their own news articles. These articles can be shared across divisions using the news sharing tool. Stories written by UCM staff can be pulled into division and department news listing pages as well by using the news sharing tool. Only divisional communication managers have the ability to use the tool, so departments and offices should contact their divisional communicators. For more information about creating news articles in Cascade or using the News Sharing Tool, please view our online News instructions.

Submit a story idea to our News and Media Relations team for review. You are our connection across a campus. We will get back to you with ideas about the best way to proceed.

Communicator's Forum | Content Strategy Subgroup

This subgroup, led by UCM’s Manager of Content Strategy and the Director of University News, includes communicators from units across campus whose job primarily involves writing for publications, websites, the media, and other platforms. The group focuses on best practices, challenges, trends in writing and presentation, and training. Networking with other writers proves invaluable and helps recharge the creative process.

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