Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get signs in my own building(s)?

Work with your department and IT Services to purchase the hardware and networking changes needed to install the signs. The displays will have the FourWinds Player and other software requirements installed when they are delivered.

How do I install the FourWinds Content Manager on my computer?

Once your displays are installed and configured your TSR can assist you with installing the FourWinds Content Manager software onto your computer.

  • Note: The FourWinds software ONLY works on a PC/Windows computer or Windows virtual machine installed on an Apple computer. (Sorry Apple fans!)
  • Instructions on how to install the Content Manager are coming soon.

How do I use the Content Manager?

What if I have a problem with the hardware or software?

Contact the Support Desk at 9-7900 or email

What if I have a problem adding content to my signs?

Visit the FourWinds Wiki for in depth information on everything you need to know about adding content to FourWinds Content Manger.

Note: The wiki requires you to login. Please email the and we will be happy to share that login information with you.

If you have looked at the wiki and still need assistance contact the Web Team in University Marketing & Communications at