Digital Signage at Miami

Digital signage refers to using digital display technology such as LCD, Plasma, and LED displays across multiple campuses to communicate with students, faculty and staff at Miami. The technology allows individual divisions and departments to run their own messages. At the same time, the University at large is able to send a single message throughout the campuses as needed. Digital signage at Miami consists of three components; two of which are provided by FourWinds Interactive, a digital signage company based out of Denver Colorado.

  1. Content Manager: FWi's full-featured program for sign creation, deployment and management. Its intuitive features allow you to easily create signs from templates or to create custom signs, easily incorporating multiple content types and allowing for advanced sign functionality.
  2. Content Player: the program that resides on each sign connected to your network. It plays the content. After installing Content Player on a machine, you will find both the Content Player program (which plays a default "welcome" sign if no other content is present, or plays any content deployed to the machine), and the Content Player Configuration program installed.
  3. The content itself that you create to promote your events, news, announcements, and more to the students, faculty, and staff of the university as well as members of the larger community.

Managing Your Content

Review a short presentation on how to manage content on digital signs [Google Doc] using FourWinds Content Manager.

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