Content Size Reference

Things to consider about your sign(s) BEFORE you begin creating content:

1. Is your sign Landscape or Portrait?

Is your sign landscape or portrait?

2. Image Resolution for Digital Displays

For most signs, save your images for web resolution at 72ppi (pixels per inch). If you are using a monitor with retina display, consider increasing the ppi to 192.

3. Common Display Dimensions

Common HD Display dimensions in pixels and inches:

  • 1920px wide by 1080px tall OR 20in wide by 11.25in tall (most common)
  • 1280px wide by 720px tall OR 13.3in wide by 7.5in tall
  • 1366px wide by 768px tall OR 14.2in wide by 8in tall

All the signs listed here have a 16:9 aspect ratio and are for widescreen displays. Another common ratio is 4:3 for letterbox displays.

Most signs on Miami’s Oxford campus are 1920 x 1080 but double check your sign before you start creating content for it.

4. Working with a Split Screen?

Many signs on campus are landscape oriented with two ads displaying at the same time, each taking up half of the screen. The dimensions for content on these displays is 960px wide by 1080px tall (or 10in wide by 11.25in tall).

Note: All HDRBS signs are split screen. This includes signs in all dining centers, residence halls, Armstrong Student Center, and more.