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How to format your text


In this video, we'll tour the options in the text editing toolbar:

  • Formatting text: bold, make a list, indent or align your text
  • Quickly mark headlines and subheadlines to create a consistent look
  • Create link and anchors
  • Spellcheck
  • And more!

Selecting a template

Building your own layout

Design changes and test emails

Sending your email

How to Clean Up Your Contacts

Emma has the tools to help you quickly and easily create a report of contacts who are not engaging with your communications and archive them so that those contacts will not contribute to your monthly invoices going forward.

  1. Log-into Emma and click on the Audiences tab.
  2. Then click Segments from the left navigation and click the Create A Segment button in the body.
  3. Give your new Segment a name. E.G. Not Opened Any Emails in the Past Year
  4. Fill in the fields:
    1. Segment type: Have not opened
    2. Mailings: Any mailing
    3. Date Range: Within the last 52 weeks (or At any point)
    4. Click Save
  5. You should now be able to see a list of contacts who have not engaged with your email communications at all in the time period selected.
  6. (Optional) In the Actions menu, choose "Archive all" so these contacts will no longer be "Active" in your account.