Adding Images

Images are stored in the CMS under "_files/images" according to department and image type (or other designation as you choose).

An image should be sized correctly before adding it to Cascade. Images should be named something that makes sense to you using the lower-case-no-space naming convention.

Images are uploaded to _files/images/departmentName/image.

To upload a single new image

  1. Highlight the folder where you want to add the image
    (under _/files/images/departmentname/etc).
  2. In the blue task bar, click New | Files, Images, Folders | File or Image.screenshot of the drop-down menu location for New File or Image, located under New, Default, File or Image
  3. Browse to find the image or drag and drop it into the window.
  4. Click submit.

To edit (or replace) an existing image

  1. Select the image.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Browse to find the image or drag and drop it into the window.
  4. Click submit.

To upload a zipped archive of images

  1. In the blue task bar, click Tools | Zip Archive Screenshot of the menu drop-down for Tools>Zip Archive
  2. Browse to find the image or drag and drop it into the window.
  3. Click submit.

Add image to page or widget

The image can now be added to a widget or a page. Images must be published in order to be viewed in a browser.

To add an image to a page:

  1. Edit your page and scroll down to the content area. Click your mouse in the body content where you want the image to show up.
  2. Then click the small tree icon, if you hover over the icon with your mouse a tooltip will show "Insert/Edit Image".
  3. A smaller window will pop-up. Click [Search] next to the Image field.
  4. Choose the image you recently uploaded from the recent history dropdown or click Browse.
  5. If you clicked Browse, go through the Assets tree to find your images folder (similar to _files/images/etc.) where you saved the image, click on the image file name and click the Confirm button.
  6. Fill in the Alternate Text field to describe the contents of the image.
  7. You can adjust the size of the image here or click Insert.
  8. The image should now appear in your content. If you click on the image, squares will appear at the corners, you can click on one of the squares and drag your mouse to resize the image. Hold down the shift key while you do this to preserve the image proportions.

Review Applying Styles to Page Content for more image styling options. Such as, if you would like for your image to align to the left or right and want the content to flow nicely around the image.

To add an image to a widget:

The method will vary depending upon the type of widget you using.

  1. If the widget has a WYSIWYG editor, follow the same steps above for adding an image to a page.
  2. If the widget has an image field, click [Search] and choose from your recent history or click Browse and find the image in the Assets tree where you saved it. Click Confirm.