New Template Conversion

We are working with divisions and departments to convert your webpages to the new template in Cascade. Please read about the process and contact webmaster after you have completed your steps in the process.

New Template Overview

The new template has been created to allow for greater flexibility in design. We use a grid system with rows and slots so that you can control where content lives on your page. It can be as simple as ONE row with ONE slot containing all of your page content. When we flip your site, all of your pages will be in the new template.

View Sample 2017 Universal Page

New Widgets

We've made some changes to the widgets to improve accessibility and user options. The online widget training has been updated to include instructions on our new widgets. In some cases, you can use the images (and sizes) that you already have in Cascade. Review the recommended sizes for images used in the new template. [Review the Image Training module if you need a refresher in finding and editing images.]

The Carousel Widget will replace the banner image bank and the SPIF bank. The carousel has a lot of options based on the image size you use and the settings that you choose. When using a main carousel at the top of the page (in lieu of a banner image bank widget), you can still shuffle random images or create a slideshow. When using a carousel widget in the page content, you can choose how many of the images/slides that you want to appear at one time and adjust the size of the carousel based on the image size and the width of the column slot where you attach it to the page.

The Text Overlay Widget is a new widget that allows you to create an image with a layer of text on top of it. You can also include links. This is a great option for landing pages.

The Tabs Widget has the same functionality as in the old template but it is much easier to build. You can create each tab content using the WYSIWYG text editor or by including another type of widget.

Social Media Embed Codes

We no longer use the Social Media Widget or the Twidget. Both Facebook and Twitter feeds can now be added to content slots without making an actual widget. View instructions in the online widget training.

Other Widgets

The Rich Text Widget is still available for use when you want to create a modular piece of content that will be reused on multiple pages. In the past, we have used rich text widgets as "gateways" to other pages or for another "single-use" purpose. For this purpose, you can now just add content to a content slot instead of making a widget.

The RSS Feed Widget is used to pull in RSS feeds from News Listing pages and blogs and works the same way that it has in the past.

View Sample Widgets Page

Get Started

If you have not yet received an email from UCM about starting the conversion process in your area, please contact Shelli Minton.

Before we can convert your current site to the new template, you must update and replace your widgets on your existing pages. As you review your widgets (and pages), please make sure that they are still current, accurate, and follow established accessibility guidelines. Any images, widgets, and pages no longer being used can be deleted.

Department Tasks

  • Create Carousels to replace departmental homepage featured slideshows 
  • Create Carousels to replace SPIF banks
  • Create Carousels to replace banner image banks
  • Create Carousels to replace Media Stacks
  • Add all new carousels to your current template pages.
  • Create New Tabs Widget to replace the old Tabs Widget. (The new tabs widget will not display in the old template. You can wait until after the flip to add it to the new page if you wish.)
  • Contact UCM webmaster when you have updated all of your widgets and added them to the current pages.

You are encouraged to register for Open Labs to work with a web content specialist available to answer your questions.

Lab dates and times may vary by semester.

UCM Tasks

  • Convert SOUP pages to universal template
  • Change content type for RSS feed widget
  • Create new header
  • Create new footer
  • Flip content to new universal template
  • Flip news pages
  • Rebuild department landing page
  • Publish site to TEST

After the Flip

  • Departments will thoroughly review site and make any necessary edits.
    • Facebook and Twitter embed codes will need to be added to replace the widgets.
  • Site can be published live after review.
Note: Sites will be flipped on a first-come, first-served basis. We would like to have all sites flipped to the new template by the end of the 2018-2019 academic year.

Sites Already Using New Template

View these sites for examples and ideas: