New User Training

New User Training is for faculty and staff members that have been designated by their office as a web editor. Only two editors are allowed per office. (Can we/ do we want to enforce this? What about students? Do we care as long as they follow the rules?) This is the first phase in understanding our content management system. A web editor must be familiar with the Miami brand, web accessibility practices, and understanding our primary audiences.

Getting Started

Identify yourself as a departmental web editor.  (Formstack form)

Complete the Find and Edit an Image training.

It would also be beneficial for you to read Writing for the Web and Web Accessibility.

If you are not familiar with HTML code and would like to learn more, you can work through the tutorial at W3 Schools - HTML. You only need a basic knowledge of HTML to successful edit pages in Cascade.

Basic Training

  1. Login to Cascade and navigate the dashboard
  2. Understand the asset tree structure
  3. Create and edit a Universal Page
    • Headings
    • Basic Styles
  4. Publish a page and review in the Test environment

Advanced Training

  • Advanced Styles
    • Accordions
    • Fancy Box
    • Tables
  • Add-on Features
    • Forms
    • Documents
    • Videos