Creating Widgets

  • Widgets are modular units that are created independently (unlike page elements like the feature box or inline box).
  • A widget can be added to multiple pages.
  • Widgets are stored in the CMS under the "_widgets" folder and then according to widget type and department.

To create a new widget:

Screenshot of Cascade main Menu to create new widget, by clicking on New > Widget > and then the name of the specific type of widget you wish to create.

In the _widgets folder at the top of the asset tree, choose your site folder (or create a new folder). Next:

-Click "New" in the Blue Task Bar
-Click "Widgets"
-Choose the type of widget that you want to create.

To add or delete a widget on a page:

Attach a widget to a page as a Left Column Widget, a Right Column Widget, or on a Widget Row.

Screenshot of a portion of the Edit screen showing the various places Widgets may be inserted into a page. Scroll down the page to the Widgets sections. Click the plus symbol to add another widget or another row of widgets. Click the minus sign to remove the widget. Click the up or down arrows to reorder the widgets. Click search to browse the system for the widget you want to add to your page.

Different Widget Types: