UPAC Business Meeting Minutes

2019-2020 Academic Year

April 14, 2020

UPAC Business Meeting Minutes
Miami University

Committee members in attendance: Mike Arnos, Samantha Brandenburg, Robert Bell, John Burke, Amy Cooper, Laura Desmond (CPAC representative), Celia Ellison, Christina Grote, Ben Harris, Randy Hollowell, Spencer Izor, Karen O'Hara, Christy McClure, Bess Sprockett, Eun Chong Yang

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of March Business Meeting Minutes

3. Human Resources and Academic Personnel Updates (Celia Ellison & Bess Sprockett):

Bess Sprocket steps into Celia’s role May 1. Tricia Price left Miami and we’ll need to fill her position. The budget discussion yesterday mentioned raises are up in the air with decisions made late summer; this is after unclassified raises occur so not sure what will happen with that. 

4. Subcommittee Updates

  1. Council on Diversity & Inclusion (CODI) (Eun Chong Yang):
    • Recommended 23 members: Executive committee consists of 9 members: chairs of 5 subcommittees, VP of D&I (co-chair), OEEO, regional diversity (co-chair), faculty senate rep
    • No specific UPAC rep because existing members are part of UPAC (to be approved)
    • 5 subcommittees: curriculum development, multicultural programming, recruitment & retention, data, DEI recognition (to be approved)
    • 4 major events yearly (including Diversity Conference and Diversity Awards)
    • Report regularly to Univ Senate
    • Discussed Cultural Competence Conversation (CCC)
  2. Campus Planning (Spencer Izor): Met last week, discussing the construction of 3 basketball courts, not allowed to enter into new contracts now, but ongoing projects continue, planning for STEM building continues while clinical health building pushed back at least a year due to state budget issues.
  3. Events and Networking Committee (Samantha Brandenburg, John Burke, and Randy Hollowell): Haven’t met lately. Randy will help with communicating with staff about the new member nomination project.
  4. University Senate (Mike Arnos): Provost and Dr. Creamer spoke for 90 minutes, couldn’t answer a lot of questions, most sentences began with “as it stands now.” State cuts, endowment, and investments are troubling, but there is more optimism with incoming class numbers. On the other hand, financial projections are not as good due to high financial assistance packages. They didn’t preclude raises. Intend to have students back in August but nothing is certain. See the link to the senate for detailed notes. Good attendance at this presentation; all are welcome to attend these meetings, which are currently scheduled weekly on Mondays from 3:30-5 pm.
  5. Academic Policy (Robert Bell): no meeting
  6. Regional Update (John Burke and Christina Grote): Dean has been meeting with administrators and sharing as much information as she can; for summer plan is to get as many courses online as possible. USDoEd allows for courses online that start before June 1; courses beyond summer 1 are an issue. No staff forum since going remote.
  7. Parking and Transportation (Ben Harris): no meeting
  8. Benefits (Samantha Brandenburg): suspended all benefits meetings until staff return to campus
  9. CPAC (Laura Desmond): CPAC annual meeting has been canceled with no plan to reschedule for this year. No parking charges for the next 2 months. CPAC is looking for more members to join July 1 and would appreciate any nominations. 

5. New Business

  1. Social media: please retweet/”like” MU posts and encourage others to do so.
  2. Discussion of a move to remote work: IT has been great to support our remote work, include Jabber calls. Members shared strategies their units are using to keep in touch with team members.
  3. Outreach to unclassified staff: We have a UPAC entity account for any outreach we’re doing, and Randy’s looking into UPAC listserv. CPAC uses its entity account effectively. Now that the ongoing university-wide outreach has slowed down a bit, do we need to contact unclassified staff? If we do offer services, we need to do so carefully. We could do a newsletter with a message from each of our departments with staff updates and could also use the call for new members as a chance to communicate what we do.
  4. Call for new members for 2020-2021: Randy can put the call out by the end of the week. Six people are rolling off or leaving in 2020. Decided in bylaws to allow for up to 13.
  5. Ted’s approval of by-laws has been on hold based on more pressing issues. Christy will get it moving again. It would be great to share that in a newsletter.

November 12, 2019

UPAC Business Meeting Minutes
Miami University

Attendees: Robert Bell, Sam Brandenburg, John Burke, Amy Cooper, Laura Desmond (CPAC representative), Celia Ellison, Randy Hollowell, Spencer Izor, Christy McClure, Tricia Price, Eun Chong Yang.

Call to Order

I. Approval of October 8, 2019 Business Meeting minutes

II. Human Resources and Academic Personnel Updates (Celia Ellison)

Celia is retiring on April 30, 2020. Searches are underway for replacements for Celia and Marla Niebling.

III. Subcommittee Updates

a. Committee on Diversity & Inclusion (CODI) (Eun Chong Yang): Questioned initiatives and effectiveness of CODI based on the report of its subcommittees; CODI represents various offices, divisions, but student representatives questioned if CODI represents various groups of students; Survey (conducted to CODI members in Oct) results may be available in Nov meeting. Suggestions made: updates on listserv contacts and websites.

b. Campus Planning Committee (Spencer Izor): No meeting.

c. Events and Networking Committee (Samantha Brandenburg, John Burke and Randy Hollowell): In UPAC working meeting, the results of last year’s survey were discussed. Respondents wanted advocacy to administration, so the committee will investigate practices at sister institutions. The number 1 service requested was professional development. John Burke will discuss this with Celia. Newsletter: Suggestion was made to have subcommittees turn in paragraph updates and turn it into a blog. Events: people want mixers. Discussion of a cycle of events--mixers, lunch and learn, etc.

d. University Senate (Mike Arnos): Arrest reporting policy tabled until December, strategic planning forming subcommittees, minutes are now linked to UPAC agenda.

e. Academic Policy (Robert Bell) – No meeting.

f. Regionals Update (John Burke and Christina Grote): Regionals staff forum is in celebration mode: Halloween dress-up meeting, Thanksgiving meals today and tomorrow. Regionals Assembly meeting on Wednesday.

g. Parking and Transportation (Ben Harris): No meeting.

h. Benefits (Samantha Brandenburg): Changes to the retirement plan was not discussed with the committee. Benefits now has a representative on the retirement task force which has turned into a standing committee. Celia will inquire about the home of the retirement committee. The Benefits Committee is going to work on education for staff and faculty. Discussion of attaching a UCM person to HR or benefits to help educate.

i. CPAC (Laura Desmond): Karen Wilson presented on the new benefits plan at Coffee and Connect, which was very well attended. Holiday project shopping and organizing will happen in December. Christy will send details on UPAC involvement.


VI. New Business

a. Working Session: Discussion embedded above. Sam will send out minutes.

b. Robert Bell additional updates: Student meal plan pilot project to donate swipes to student life for food-insecure students. Changing plan for campus furniture, so that choices are restricted to a few types. Looking for a vendor to design, provide, repair, and move. Departments will pay for these services.

Next meeting: December 10th, 8:30 – 10 am, Hoyt, Conference Room 309--enter from the parking lot and take the elevator to 3rd floor to avoid locked doors. Guest speaker is David Seidl, IT VP; if you have specific IT questions, let Randy know.

March 12, 2019

UPAC Business Meeting Minutes
Miami University

I. Attendees: Mike Amos, Robert Bell, Samantha Brandenburg, John Burke, Celia Ellison, Mandy Euen, Ben Harris, Randy Hollowell, Margo Kissel, Christy McClure, Chris Pirigyi, Pat Powers, Eun Chong Yang, CPAC representative Debbie Smith.

II. Guest speaker: Robert Keller, university architect emeritus, spoke about campus memorials, including the Freedom Summer Memorial and the Veterans Alumni Tribute.

III. February 12, 2019 business meeting minutes were approved.

IV. Mike Arnos was approved as a new member, replacing Andrea Bakker.

V. Human Resources Updates

A. Personnel (Maria Niebling) – not present; no update.

B. Academic Personnel (Celia Ellison) – update: Staff from Human Resources, Academic Personnel Services and IT are working to build the new Applicant Tracking System (vendor is PageUp). Searches in the current system (HireTouch) need to be finalized by the end of March and no new searches can be started after April 5. The plan is to "go live" with the new system April 15. Training sessions for users will begin during the week of April 8 -— with announcements forthcoming. The implementation of Performance Management and Learning Management will begin during the summer.

VI. Subcommittee Updates

A. Council on Diversity & Inclusion (CODI) (Eun Chong Yang) – Feb. 20 meeting update highlights:

  • Climate Survey Task Force recommendations were made for four groups (i.e., student, staff, faculty, administration) in January and February.
  • Diversity Inclusion Award Reception, 4 p.m. April 3.

B. Campus Planning Committee (Robert Bell) – The committee reviewed two items: a site plan for Stanton Hall and exterior signage for Shriver Center.

C. Events and Networking Committee (Samantha Brandenburg, John Burke and Randy Hollowell) – The group went over the survey that will be sent out to unclassified staff in mid-April asking several questions related to UPAC, ideas for events and how they would like to interact with the group.

Upcoming event: A MUM nature trail hike led by Carolyn Kieffer is scheduled for April 23 at 3:30 p.m.

D. University Senate (Chris Pirigyi) – Robin Parker gave a presentation explaining academic freedom and other similar topics. The next meeting, Carolyn Haynes spoke about financial and class data as well as signing a contract with Unizen, an open source academic course materials company. An internship policy was voted on and approved.

More details can be found at https://miamioh.edu/academic-affairs/university-senate/senate-actions/

E. Academic Policy (Mandy Euen) – At the March 8 meeting, the Academic Policy Committee unanimously approved two proposals. One sought to align and clarify practice with policy related to promotion of TCPL (Teaching/Clinical Professors or Lectures/Clinical Lecturers.) The other proposal sought to impose a maximum on winter teaching loads.

F. Regionals Update (John Burke) – There has been discussion of the upcoming budget adjustments at the Regionals. Dean Bishop-Clark presented on the possible adjustments to multiple groups and also shared the budget situation with faculty and staff in a recent Dean's Weekly email. John also noted that the nomination period for Regional Staff Forum member at large and chair positions will open soon, with an election to follow in late April.

G. Parking and Transportation (Ben Harris) – no update

H. Benefits (Christy McClure) – no update

I. CPAC (Pat Powers) – Debbie Smith said CPAC is planning its May 21 conference themed “Be an Inspirational Super Hero.” Registration starts in mid-April. They will sell raffle tickets at the conference, with proceeds going to the Miami Holiday Project.

VII. New Business

President Crawford will speak to UPAC at the May 7 meeting. Christy McClure said a Google doc for questions, focused more on budget items, will be set up in advance of the meeting.

February 12, 2019

UPAC Business Meeting Minutes
Miami University

I. Attendees: Andrea Bakker, Robert Bell, Samantha Brandenburg, John Burke, Amy Cooper, Christina Grote, Ben Harris, Randy Hollowell, Margo Kissel, Christy McClure, Marla Niebling, Chris Pirigyi, Pat Powers, CPAC representative Debbie Smith, Eun Chong Yang

II. Guest speaker: Provost Phyllis Callahan spoke to UPAC about the Boldly Creative initiative.

III. January 8, 2019 meeting minutes were approved as written.

IV. Amy Cooper was approved as secretary. New member Randy Hollowell joined the Networking and Events subcommittee.

V. Human Resources Updates

A. Personnel (Maria Niebling) – W-2s are available online; staff are encouraged to contact Payroll is there are concerns about W-2s. A replacement for HireTouch is currently in beta-testing.

B. Academic Personnel (Celia Ellison) – Not present; no update

VI. Subcommittee Updates

A. Council on Diversity & Inclusion (CODI) (Andrea Bakker and Eun Chong Yang) – No update; the group is working on scheduling a meeting.

B. Campus Planning Committee (Robert Bell) – A campus map has been developed for use by Advancement to guide them to steer donors of benches to specific areas. Robert will share the map with interested UPAC members. Two committees have been established to explore new or renovated facilities for health sciences and STEM/innovation. These facilities would not be completed until fall 2022.

C. Events and Networking Committee (Samantha Brandenburg, John Burke and Randy Hollowell) –

• Upcoming event: A MUM nature trail hike led by Carolyn Kieffer is scheduled for 4/23 at 3:30. Group agreed that four UPAC members are needed to volunteer to attend each event.

• Attendance issue: The Art Museum event was not well attended; discussion followed on how to increase attendance at networking events. Ideas included more consistent meetings times, advance planning, offering trainings, paid speaker, conference, newsletter. Group agreed that a survey of unclassified staff is the next step, with Sam taking the lead. Other events for this semester are postponed.

D. University Senate (Chris Pirigyi) – 
• January 28 meeting: Discussion included curriculum bloat, President’s message on finance issues, and a report from academic subcommittee of strategic planning committee (RCM model with student enrollment driving it).
• February 11 meeting: Discussion included additional focus on RCM. Several new courses were approved. Details are at https://miamioh.edu/academic-affairs/university-senate/senate-actions/

E. Academic Policy (Mandy Euen) – Not present, no report

F. Regionals Update (John Burke and Christina Grote) – Campus climate presentations were schedule at MUH and MUM on February 12 and 13. The Regionals are moving ahead on tactics to implement strategic planning.

G. Parking and Transportation (Ben Harris) – License plate recognition system is in testing and will eventually replace permit system. Current staff are expected to be retained with vacant positions left unfilled. Ben will ask for clarification on members’ logistical questions. The next meeting will include BCRTA representatives.

H. Benefits (Christy McClure) – The committee is issuing an RFP for a health broker (possibly replacing UMR) and is meeting every two weeks. UPAC members expressed interest in a calculator that can help the employee decide whether to choose the high-deductible or traditional plan. Christy will bring that up with the committee. A decision on the broker will be made before October.

I. CPAC (Pat Powers) – A meeting with strategic planning subcommittees is scheduled for February 14. Pat will pose the UPAC networking attendance questions there. A Coffee and Connect on March 8 will focus on résumé building.

VII. New Business

A. Reminder: University architect emeritus Robert Keller will speak at 9 a.m. at our March 12 meeting.

B. Suggestions for speakers at April, May and June UPAC meetings included Benefits, once new provider identified (June or July), President to talk about budget in April or May. There may be a new provider for on-campus healthcare, they could talk to the group too.

C. Christina Grote shared a question from an unclassified staff member regarding a recent weather closing decision: why does the university require staff to report when faculty and students do not? Group expressed interest in having someone involved in that decision-making process present to UPAC.

January 8, 2019

UPAC Business Meeting Minutes
Miami University

I. Attendees: Samantha Brandenburg, John Burke, Christina Grote, Ben Harris, Randy Hollowell, Margo Kissell, Chris Pirigyi, Pat Powers and CPAC representative Debbie Smith

II. November 13, 2018 meeting minutes approved as written.

III. There was a brief discussion about who would fill secretary position after Robert Bell had to step down due to new work responsibilities. Amy Cooper has expressed interest in becoming secretary. The issue will be voted on at the Feb. 12 meeting.

IV. Subcommittee Updates

A. Events and Networking Committee (Samantha Brandenburg, John Burke and Amy Cooper) –

• The next networking event will be a tour of the Miami Art Museum at 3:30 p.m. Feb. 4. Jason Shaiman, curator of exhibitions, will lead the 60-minute tour.

• There was discussion about possible networking events that might draw more people. Randy Hollowell and Chris Pirigyi suggested some possibilities. Sam Brandenburg will talk more about this at the Feb. 12 meeting after gathering information.

B. University Senate (Chris Pirigyi) – At its Jan. 28 meeting, the Senate plans to discuss the Responsibility Centered Management (RCM) budget model and if/how to use the model going forward.

C. Regional Update (John Burke and Christina Grote) – Christina Grote talked about the upcoming Recharge conference at the Hamilton campus that is open to all.

VI. New Business

A. Reminder: Provost Phyllis Callahan will speak about the Boldly Creative initiative at the Feb.12 UPAC meeting, and university architect emeritus Bob Keller will speak on March 12.

B. Six members of UPAC met in a Jan. 30 work session with Bob Applebaum, co-chair of the Miami strategic planning steering committee. The strategic planning steering committee has been holding listening sessions across campus to gain input about strategic issues for the university. Those in attendance were Margo Kissell, Andrea Bakker, Mandy Euen, Christy McClure, Randy Hollowell and Pat Powers.

November 13, 2018

UPAC Business Meeting Minutes
Miami University

I. Attendees: Andrea Bakker, Robert Bell, Amy Cooper, Margo Kissell, Celia Ellision, Chris Pirigyi, Marla Niebling, Pat Powers, Ben Harris, Eun Chong Yang, John Burke, Samantha Brandenburg, Christy McClure and CPAC representative Debbie Smith

II. Guest Speaker: Karen Wilson, Director of Benefits and Wellness

Karen presented a PowerPoint presentation to the committee. Contact Margo Kissell to receive a copy of the PowerPoint.

Changes to premiums, flexible spending accounts, vision insurance and 403(b) vendors were highlighted during the presentation.

Additions to benefits such as Real Appeal, an online weight management tool now offered, as well as a debt management tool offered by Impact Solutions were discussed.

The increase to premiums was briefly discussed. There has not been an increase to premiums in four years, and the University is hoping to not increase premiums again. Any future changes will be less dramatic than those seen with this coming year’s premium increases.

HR and others hope to work more closely with the Benefits Committee in the coming year to better advise of changes.

III. October 9, 2018 meeting minutes approved as written.

IV. Human Resources Updates

A. Personnel (Marla Niebling)

• The Weather and Emergency Closing Procedure document was provided to all of UPAC. The information was recently distributed through Miami Matters to all University staff.
• “Essential personnel” is staff that are essential during University closures (PFD, campus services, dining halls, etc.).
• Staff do not have the option to stay and work or to come in to work if they have not been identified, in advance, as essential personnel.
• If staff members work, and they are not essential, they will not receive severe weather pay.
• The campuses are independent of one another regarding closures, and staff should listen for their campus information.
• If the campus is closed, classified and unclassified staff, should not work from home and we are not able to required unclassified staff to do so.

B. Academic Personnel (Celia Ellison)

Hire Touch will eventually go away. Looking at new software. Applicant training will be first module implemented, then likely Performance Management.

V. Subcommittee Updates

A. Council on Diversity & Inclusion (CODI) (Andrea Bakker and Eun Chong Yang) – October 26 meeting that had a guest speaker. MU will be offering some new courses based on outcomes of survey.

B. Campus Planning (Robert Bell) –

• The committee approved Stanton Hall exterior, Lewis Place exterior cameras.
• There was also discussion of proposed Duke energy rerouted lines with no decision.
• The Space Utilization Group approved several interior camera installations, renaming of Recycling Building to Engineering Research Annex, an additional room for Nursing in Pearson Hall, a change of use in CAB, and an update of projects on the Regionals for eCampus, Career Services and Commerce Department.

C. Events and Networking Committee (Samantha Brandenburg, John Burke and Amy Cooper) –

• Next event is 11/14/18 at noon in Hamilton.
• Margo reported that templates could be used on the Listserv to advertise events.
• December event is at Goggin Ice Center.

D. University Senate (Chris Pirigyi) – There was an open session with Dr. Creamer and the provost on fiscal priorities.

E. Academic Policy (Mandy Euen) – no update

F. Regional Update (John Burke and Christina Grote) – 

• Holding Thanksgiving lunches
• Some issues being expressed about food service operations taken to the dean.

G. Parking and Transportation (Ben Harris) – 

• Overview of appeals, counterfeit parking passes
• BCRTA has made some changes to a couple routes and adding more trolley style busses
• A new building is being built at Chestnut Fields for buses with city
• Dealing with scooter issues

H. Benefits (Christy McClure) – No meeting has been held since the last UPAC meeting.

I. CPAC (Pat Powers) – Gift baskets raised $1,138 for the Holiday Project. Anita Sackenheim needs volunteers for the Holiday Project

VI. New Business

A. Nicole Byrd resigned her position as secretary due to new responsibilities. As a result, Christy McClure was approved through a vote to take over Nicole’s position as co-chair, and Robert Bell was voted to take over Christy’s position of secretary.

B. Margo announced that we would be left with a vacant position and she believed the alternate representative was Randy Hollowell. (This was verified after the meeting.)

C. Miami Holiday Project – in lieu of December meeting, members are encouraged to meet at Phillips Hall on Dec. 11 to join in wrapping the Holiday Project Gifts.

D. UPAC members can donate sports balls. Robert Bell will collect at his office by Dec. 4.

E. The provost will speak to us on Feb.12. Speaker ideas for Jan. 8 were discussed: Robert will ask university architect emeritus Bob Keller.

October 9, 2018

UPAC Business Meeting Minutes
Miami University

I. Attendees: Margo Kissell, Amanda Euen, Amy Stander, Andrea Bakker, Ben Harris, Christina Grote, Christy McClure, Celia Ellison, Robert Bell, Samantha Brandenburg, Eun Chong Yang

II. Speaker: Jayne Brownell, vice president for Student Affairs

Jayne Brownell, Vice President of Student Life, spoke to UPAC regarding changes to Student Life (formerly Student Affairs). Contact Margo Kissell if you need a copy of the PowerPoint used to guide Jayne's discussion.

III. September 11, 2018 minutes were approved as written.

IV. Human Resources Updates

Academic Personnel (Celia Ellison)

University Senate and IT have been working on the project to have a preferred name added to the directory and roster. This will not impact any W2 information. Communication regarding this will be forthcoming.

V. Subcommittee Updates

A. Events and Networking Committee (Samantha Brandenburg, John Burke and Amy Cooper) – Events should be shared with others, not only UPAC members. Should we post the information on the website? There is a question regarding funding for events. Is there any backing of funding for events? When the Hamilton event is advertised, it would be helpful to have the map and bus schedule for staff to use.

B. University Senate (Chris Pirigyi) – Chris was unable to attend today's meeting; however, he provided the below updated from Senate:

9/26/18 Senate meeting
Items received on the Senate consent calendar include the annual report for Center for Teaching Excellence, the annual report for Fiscal Priorities and Budget Planning Committee and the Curriculum Report. Senators heard the following reports: Open Education Resources, Academic Program Review Committee Update and the Attendance Policy for student class attendance.

10/8/18 Senate meeting
Carolyn Haynes updated on ODHE and HLC. Senate discussed the following issues to be heard and resolved this year: faculty related items, budgetary, curriculum and diversity and inclusion.

C. Academic Policy (Mandy Euen) – no update

D. Council on Diversity & Inclusion (CODI) (Andrea Bakker and Eun Chong Yang)Note: Eun provided the below written update after the meeting.

CODI meeting: Sept. 7 (Fri)
Ron Scott provided an annual report on diversity and inclusion efforts and introduced upcoming events. As published on Miami Matters, "starting Fall 2018, first-year Miami students will complete an online module on diversity and inclusion, and a separate module of bias training. Similar to this, a faculty/staff version of the training will be required of all new hires."

CODI Meeting: Oct. 26 (Fri)
The guest speaker Jesus Trevino presented the positive impact on inclusion through campus-wide Intergroup Dialogues in many U.S. universities. A new Intergroup Dialogue course will be offered from Spring 2019 (BWS 277: Voices of Discovery- 2 cr hr) at Miami.

E. Regional Update (John Burke and Christina Grote) – The 50th celebration at Hamilton was a great day. Elections for general assembly were helped. John was one of those elected to represent staff.

F. Campus Planning (Robert Bell) – No update.

G. Parking and Transportation (Ben Harris) – The first meeting was low key with discussion on what to do for the upcoming year. There will be a discussion on the electric scoots and how Miami is dealing with it.

H. Benefits (Christy McClure) – The consensus statement provided by the Benefits Committee to HR and Academic Personnel was provided to the group. The statement is included as an attachment and made part of the minutes.

An explanation regarding the special meeting that was held and the notification of the increase in benefits being passed along to the staff was explained. Days away from Open Enrollment, the committee was provided with the increase in cost information.

I. CPAC (Pat Powers) – No update.

VI. New Business

A. UPAC website updates – The web should be updated.

B. Discuss upac@miamioh.edu and UPAC listserv, unclassified staff listserv. A discussion surrounding how often, and what should we be using this email for. Would we be able to have a template of a newsletter? Perhaps a more engaging quarterly newsletter that would inform the Unclassified staff of upcoming events or what is being discussed.

C. Talk about what we would want the provost to talk about if she speaks at our Nov. 13 meeting.
The discussion surrounding what we would like the Provost to discuss.
Perhaps the boldly creative or strategic initiatives being discussed.

Other speaker ideas, Karen Wilson, Director of Benefits.

September 11, 2018

UPAC Business Meeting Minutes
Miami University

I. Attendees: Margo Kissell, Amy Stander, Andrea Bakker, Ben Harris, Christina Grote, Christy McClure, Debbie Smith, Celia Ellison, Pat Powers, Robert Bell, Samantha Brandenburg, Eun Chong Yang

II. Speakers: Denise Krallman, Director of Institutional Research, and Ron Scott, Vice President of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

About one year ago, an external consulting group was engaged to create and conduct the campus climate survey for the University. An outside group was engaged to avoid the appearance of bias.

There was a Climate Survey Working Group of approximately 25 staff and faculty co-chaired by Ron Scott and Denise Krallman. Focus groups were brought together to identify issues with various constituents within the University.

Preliminary results were provided in March with the final report presented the first of May. The final report is 600 pages, copies of which can be obtained from the reserve desk at King, VOA, Regional libraries and Disability Services. An executive summary is available online. The University has contracted with an evaluation center to do a qualitative analysis of the open-ended questions.

For the purposes of this meeting, unclassified staff responses were looked into. If more information or analysis is needed, Institutional Research is the only office permitted to do the analysis to maintain anonymity.

881 unclassified staff responded to the survey, which is a 59% response rate. Student response rate was under 20%. Classified response rates were around 61 or 62%. 90% of respondents were Oxford, 62% identified as female and 38% as male.

Where do the unclassified respondents work? 10% work in the President’s area, 12% in EMSS, 31% in Academic Affairs, 20% in Finance and Business Services, 9% in IT, 12% in Student Life and 7% in Advancement.

During the analysis, some smaller groups may be grouped together to provide anonymity. For instance, in EMSS, the analysis would not drill down into each office, information would only be provided at a divisional level.

Among the findings:

  • How comfortable are you with the climate at Miami? 19% very; 47 comfortable, 21% ok, 11.8% uncomfortable and 1.2 very uncomfortable.
  • Does Miami provide you with the resources for training and professional development? 67% agreed.
  • My supervisor is supportive of me taking leaves such as vacation and personal time? 81% agreed.
  • Staff salary is competitive? 59% disagreed.
  • Vacation and personal time benefits are competitive? Under 6% disagree.
  • Health insurance is competitive? Only 10% disagreed.
  • Communication, staff opinion. Do you feel valued on committees? 38% agreed, 39% were neutral and 23% disagree.
  • Staff opinions are valued? 35% agree, 34% were neutral and 31% disagree.
  • There is a clear expectation of my responsibilities? 70.5% agree.
  • I would recommend Miami as a good place to work? 65% agree, 24% neutral and 11% disagreed.

Due to the size of the report it would be costly to remediate into a pdf. The executive summary is on the Campus Climate web site.

Who is responsible for doing something about the data?
President Crawford is creating a task force that will be responsible for taking this data and looking at it and creating actionable steps. The task force will be comprised of various faculty and staff across the University.

One thing that came out of the summary was for each vice president to have their job descriptions reassessed to make diversity a part of everyone’s responsibility. Each area should look at making changes that have been identified, looking for successful initiatives and uncovering areas that are unwelcoming. There should be strategic initiatives that make diversity more of the fabric of the University. Each unit should have its own diversity plan.

The questions for the survey belong to the University, so we could use the questions and do another survey in a few years.

III. August meetings were approved as written.

IV. Updates

A. Personnel – A representative as not in attendance to provide an update.

B. Celia Ellison – Academic Personnel is creating a document to make it more helpful for unclassified searches and to be used as a guideline.

C. Events and Networking – Team working on the giveaway for the Health and Benefits Fair to be held in October. It will be a hot/cold pack with the Miami “M”. A calendar of events has been created for the year. Hopefully by the time of the fair the calendar will be complete and it can be handed out at the fair. Preliminarily, they are looking at December being open skate at Goggin; January another larger conversation regarding the climate survey; February, an art museum tour; March, Glenn Platt on AIMS; April, going to Middletown trails.

D. Senate – no update

E. Policy – none

F. CODI – First meeting was the previous Friday and the climate survey was discussed.

G. Regional – The 50-year celebration is coming up.

H. Campus planning – No meeting, however, there is some upgrading of transmission lines being completed by Duke Energy.

I. Parking and transportation – no meeting

J. Benefits – Brief discussion regarding the new Rx plans being considered by the University. There will be impact to some in the University, and staff should be certain to look at all of the communication that benefits provides us.

K. CPAC – Baskets are being prepared for the annual CPAC raffle.

V. Margo Kissell is updating the website.

VI. Upcoming speakers
Jayne Brownell from Student Life will be asked to update the group on new initiatives within Student Life at the Oct. 8 meeting.

The provost will be asked to discuss strategic planning, possibly at the Nov. 13 meeting.

August 14, 2018

UPAC Business Meeting Minutes
Miami University

I. Call to Order
Attendees: Margo Kissell, Amy Stander, Andrea Bakker, Ben Harris, Christina Grote, Christy McClure, Debbie Smith, Celia Ellison, Nicole Bird, Marla Niebling, Pat Powers, Robert Bell, Samantha Brandenburg, Eun Chong Yang, Amanda Euen, Chris Pirigyi

II. Gary Barnes, Director of Compensation, provided an overview of the process for the compensation and market adjustments provided to unclassified staff.

The market adjustment process began in the summer 2017 with the University collecting updated job descriptions for all unclassified staff. There were 900 unclassified staff job descriptions built and approved as part of this project.

Miami engaged Sibson to conduct a market match of the job descriptions that were provided to them. On average, they predict to match 60-65% of positions, however, they were able to match 75% of Miami’s positions to market.

On average, Miami positions were 95% within market. There were some positions above market and some below market. The matches were made using benchmarks of universities found in the CUPA survey as well as national data for larger organizations from salary.com.

Results of the market matches were provided to PEC members in a spreadsheet form. Anything below 90% was considered out of market.

The University provided a budget for a 1% adjustment for FY18 and a 1% adjustment for FY19 to address market issues. Instructions were provided on how to allocate the funding. It was suggested that members of PEC allow the increment process to run normally, and for them to come in behind that process with the market adjustment. Any staff not receiving a 1.5% merit increment was not eligible for a market adjustment. Market adjustments should take their current standing within market, experience, tenure, skillset in the job and peers.

The intent of this market adjustment was not to impact senior management within the University.

When this process began, 65 staff were less than 80% of market, of those 65, 56 staff received an adjustment of some sort, and we now have 14 staff, with legitimate reasons, for being less than 80% of market.

There were 114 staff in the 80-90% range, and there are now 64 staff. Part of this 64 includes movement of staff out of the less than 80% range and into the 80-90% range.

There were originally 90 staff without market matches, however, departments had the ability to go back through the spreadsheet and provide matches to HR.

The matches were less on titles and more on content of job descriptions.

The question of where we are with the climate survey was raised, and the answer was, they do not know. Part of the survey addressed the fact that money is not the only factor staff stay in their position.

If individuals have questions, they can begin with their department/division on how their position graded, and can also contact HR.

III. Approval of July 10, 2018 Business Meeting Minutes motion to approve passed

IV. Human Resources Updates

a. Personnel – Finalizing the start of school. This is a peak season in HR. There will be 3,000 student employees coming in to complete paperwork. Alicia Gibson is moving from the front desk to a Senior Personnel Technician.

The question came up regarding a student employment fair. There is one for the dining halls, but not a general fair for all students. Is there a way to capture some of the paperwork ahead of time? Is supporting student employees a blind spot for staff? Is there student supervisory assistance? Are there any missed steps within student employment? Training tips of FAQs would be helpful. Travis McCoy in Campus Services was suggested as a good resource for student employment questions.

b. Academic Personnel – Faculty annual letters were posted August 13th.

V. Subcommittee Updates

a. Networking Luncheons/Events

A request for who we have had at the events in the past was requested. Are there any events currently scheduled we could lean towards to bolster attendance? What is the ideal number of events per semester? Is there a budget? The budget is going to be provided to the group. Typically, there were events beginning in September. Speakers at a site seemed to go well.

b. University Senate - none

c. Academic Policy - none

d. Council on Diversity & Inclusion (CODI) - none

e. Regional Update – There is a new regional assembly. The campuses are trying to determine where the staff forum fits into this. There is talk of brown bag lunches to give people a chance to collaborate with other staff.

f. Campus Planning - None

g. Parking and Transportation - None

h. Benefits - None

i. Events Committee – combined with A

j. CPAC They are preparing for the benefits fair with themed baskets and selling tickets for the holiday project during the fair. CPAC has taken the same approach as UPAC, when a member rolls off of the committee, they try to have backup nominations to go to for replacements. The CPAC newsletter should be coming out.

VI. New Business

Potential speakers for our meetings:

Denise Krallman – Climate Survey
Travis McCoy, Campus Services
Jess Young – Director of Retail & Marketing
Larry Pinkelton, Associate VP, Campus Services
Student Success Center to discuss initiatives for student outreach/assistance