MBA Program | Farmer School of Business - Miami University
Megan Gerhardt Dr. Megan Gerhardt, a professor in the Department of Management, studies the role of generational differences in the workplace.
Gary Lorigan and student Dr. Gary Lorigan, a professor and chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, studies biophysical chemistry, membrane proteins, phospholipids, and magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
 Ann Elizabeth Armstrong Dr. Ann Elizabeth Armstrong, an associate professor in the Department of Theatre, studies feminist pedagogy, community-based theatre, theatre of the oppressed, and applied theatre.
 Daryl Baldwin Daryl Baldwin is director of the Myaamia Center, an organization nationally and internationally recognized for its research, planning, and implementation of community language and cultural revitalization efforts.
 Jessica Sparks and student Dr. Jessica Sparks, a professor in the Department of Chemical, Paper, & Biomedical Engineering, studies liver biomechanics and mechanobiology, liver tissue engineering, interstitial flow, 3D cell culture environments, and 3D printing.
 John Bowblis and Amy Roberts Dr. John Bowblis and Dr. Amy Roberts, both research fellows with the Scripps Gerontology Center, collaborated on a study to assess the effects of social services on patient outcomes in nursing homes.
 Veronica Barrios Dr. Veronica Barrios, an assistant professor in the Department of Family Science & Social Work, works with survivors of sexual violence and clinical practitioners to develop clinical tools that facilitate disclosure of sexual violence and elucidates family dynamics and socially mandated rules involved in silencing practices.
 Dave Berg and student Dr. David Berg, a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, studies the evolution and conservation of biodiversity, and the geographic distribution of this diversity across freshwater ecosystems.
 Cricket Meehan and students Dr. Cricket Meehan, the Director of the Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs, studies K-12 school mental/behavioral health and K-12 student/youth success and wellness.