Advisory Council

The E-Learning office is focused on providing leadership in online learning with strategic planning, infrastructure, instructional design, and support of functional tasks related to e-learning including compliance with federal, state, and quality assurance standards. The E-Learning office provides strategy, expertise, best practices, and exceptional support and assistance to students, faculty, staff,  and departments in development and delivery of quality e-learning programs to build and reinforce the foundation for growth in accordance with campus initiatives.


ELAC will serve in an advisory capacity regarding matters related to online learning to provide a pathway of communication and partnership with the E-Learning office in regards to processes, regulations, policies, strategic online scheduling, and best practices.

Janet Hurn Photo

Janet Hurn

Regional E-Learning Initiatives

Julie Straub Photo

Julie Straub

Regional E-Learning Initiatives

Moira Casey Photo

Moira Casey

Regional Associate Dean

Tom Mays Photo

Tom Mays

Department of 

Business Technology

Stephanie Dawson Photo

Stephanie Dawson

Disability Services 

Alan Cady Photo

Alan Cady

Math and Science

Jill Courte Photo

Jill Courte

Department of Computer and 

Information Technology

Steve Bailey Photo

Steve Bailey

Department of Justice and

Community Studies

Kristen Taylor

Kristen Taylor

Enrollment Services

Michelle Buchberger

Michelle Buchberger

Department of Integrative Studies

Stephanie Nicely Photo

Stephanie Nicely

Department of Nursing

No photo

Shannon Wilson


No photo

Leah Henson

Fine Arts/Humanities

Bryon Miller Photo

Bryon Miller

Social Science/Ed

No photo

Joanna Schofield


Laurel Gilbert Photo

Laurel Gilbert

Student Services

Jerry Martin photo

Jerry Martin

English Language Center


The Regional E-Learning Advisory Council (ELAC) will be comprised of faculty members, staff, administrators, and student representatives that will meet a minimum of two times per semester.

Faculty Partners

The Department Chair/Coordinator of each regional academic department will appoint one regional representative to serve on the advisory council.  The prerequisites to serve on the advisory committee include: 1.) The faculty member has developed a regional online/hybrid course through the regional  development process, 2.) The faculty member actively teaches in an online or hybrid format.  

Campus Partners

The administrators of identified key offices (OneStop, Library, Disability Services, Advising & Learning Assistance and other offices as needed) that support E-Learning initiatives will appoint one regional staff member to serve on the advisory council.

Student Partners

The Miami Hamilton Student Government Association (SGA) and Miami Middletown Student Government (MMSG) will recommend the appointment of a representative to serve on the advisory council.  The prerequisites to serve on the advisory council include: 1.) The student representative must be enrolled in a regional online program or successfully participated in online learning at a regional campus.