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Majors, Minors, and Programs

The path to success looks different for everyone — that's why having options is so important. At Miami, you can do and be anything you choose. The majors and minors you choose will open up a wealth of career possibilities. You’ll gain the skills that employers demand — skills that will take you far in any role at any organization.

Oxford Campus Undergraduate Programs

Explore over 200 majors and minors to choose from, plus programs to prepare you for pre-professional study.
Miami professor works with a student in the classroom

Honors College

Miami's Honors College offers unparalleled opportunities and benefits, including an intentional living community in the Honors Residential College, and financial awards through the prestigious Presidential Fellows Program and the Prodesse Scholarship.

Student working in a science lab Nursing student working with a staff member during his internship
Professor Paula Saine works closely with a student in her class as they look at a laptop together

Regional Campuses Undergraduate Programs

Miami's Regional campuses offer students 30+ majors that may be completed at Miami Regionals, online on the nationally recognized E-Campus, or a pathway to 100+ majors that may be completed at the Oxford campus. The Regional campuses also have a growing selection of minors to complement your skills and increase your career opportunities.
Miami Regionals students building a hexagonal sculpture out of wooden sticks.

Not Ready to Decide?

Exploratory Studies is a popular option, allowing you to explore your interests before declaring a formal major. This exploration is important, since 60% of students change their major at least once.
A Miami student doing coursework from a coffee shop

Online and Hybrid Programs

Miami University offers a variety of online courses for undergraduate and graduate students as well as for adults pursuing professional development. As one of the best online colleges for return on investment, you’ll be bound for future success.
Miami graduate students present their theses to each other

Graduate Programs

Representing a full selection of master’s, doctoral, and certificate programs spanning a wide range of disciplines, the Graduate School serves as a platform for discovery, creativity, innovation, and collaboration.