About Us

The Miami Regional E-Campus office is focused on providing leadership in online learning with strategic planning, infrastructure, instructional design, and support of functional tasks related to e-learning including compliance with federal, state, and quality assurance standards. The E-Campus office provides strategy, expertise, best practices, and exceptional support and assistance to students, faculty, staff,  and departments in development and delivery of quality online programs to build and reinforce the foundation for growth in accordance with campus initiatives.  


Capitalizing on innovation and creativity, Miami Regional E-Campus collaborates with our faculty and staff to provide our students dynamic learning experiences, exceptional service, and a feeling of community. We bring the Miami University reputation and quality to people who have work or family responsibilities and are bound by geography or time. Partner with us on your journey to your full potential.

Available E-Campus Formats

Online courses are completely online and do not require you to attend a regular class meeting. Online courses are offered through a password-protected collaborative learning environment called Canvas. Course content is available 24 hours a day and communication takes place in a variety of ways. The advantages of online courses include flexibility, mobility, and accessibility. Keep in mind these courses can be very time-consuming and require discipline and good time management to complete. These courses are designated in the Course List with an attribute of Online Course (ONL).

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Hybrid courses allow students and faculty the ability to interact in person and online. Hybrid courses require students to meet face-to-face some of the time in a classroom; the remaining time is spent completing coursework online. The percent of time spent in a classroom will vary from course to course. These courses are designated in the Course List with an attribute of Hybrid Course (HYB). The amount of time spent in class is listed in the notes section below the course information.

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