Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities

Student Employment

Welcome! Miami University Regionals E-Campus is committed to employing students to partner in the future of online learning. Students are valuable part-time employees who make significant contributions to campus operations.

Technology & Support Student Associates

Technology & Support Student Associates support much of the work of making courses accessible. This involves closed-captioning videos, remediating PDFs and other documents, software support, and special projects based on individual skillset.

Student Leads

Accessibility Student Leads

The Administrative Student Lead focuses on day-to-day management of student employees as well as special projects involving market research, data, and design for social media and online student engagement/recruitment.

Administrative Student Leads

The Accessibility Student Lead focuses on accessibility project management. This includes managing students working on accessibility tasks (PDF remediation, closed captioning, etc.), reviewing accessibility student work, providing input to develop accessibility processes, etc.

How to Apply

We advertise available student employee positions on the Miami employment site. We are always looking for technology-savvy students interested in the opportunity to apply their skills and gain real-world experience.

  1. Visit the Miami employment site.

  2. Search keyword “E-Campus” and select “Student” for job category.

  3. Apply online.

Email to schedule an interview!