Benefits of Leadership

In a 2004 study, two researchers (Conger & Ready) found that nearly 75 percent of businesses and many professional organizations focus on competencies when recruiting new professionals and evaluating current employees. These competencies are defined as the knowledge, values, abilities and behaviors that help an individual contribute to or successfully engage in a role or task.

In a comprehensive study of academic programs and student leadership development programs, Dr. Corey Seemiller found that "focusing on competency development in college allows students to become familiar with the process and language of competencies prior to entering their career fields." She identified eight categories of competencies:

  • Learning and Reasoning
  • Self-Awareness and Development
  • Interpersonal Interaction
  • Group Dynamics
  • Civic Responsibility
  • Communication
  • Strategic Planning
  • Personal Behavior

Grouped within these categories are 60 competency areas, each including four competencies that reflect the dimensions of knowledge, value, ability (motivation or skill) and behavior. Student Leadership programs are increasingly focused on these leadership competencies and thereby playing a critical role in preparing graduates for the expectations of the professional world outside our campus. 

Miami University believes firmly in the benefits of student leadership development and has committed significant resources to it. Campus organizations like the Wilks Leadership Institute, the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute, and the Buck Rodgers Business Leadership Program are firmly and clearly focused on your leadership development. But leadership development surrounds you in most of what you engage in at Miami University. It can be realized in service projects, greek activities, student organizations, intercollegiate, club and recreational sports, study abroad programs, internships, and, of course, academic coursework. There are a myriad of offices and programs not listed here that will help to develop these all-important competencies.

The benefits of leadership here at Miami are in the development and practice of the competencies that will enable you to be immediately successful upon graduation, no matter the profession or personal choices you make.