Adding Value to the College Investment

Miami and Ohio

2019-20 Government Relations Network Report

Adding Value to the College Investment

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MAC schools join forces to teach transformative leadership

Empowering student-athletes to identify their strengths and weaknesses and grow their personal leadership skills is the goal of the Transformative Leadership Badge Program spearheaded by President Crawford and launched in July 2020 by the Mid-American Conference.

The inaugural program included badges in creativity & design thinking; entrepreneurship; digital & data; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and human-centered transformative leadership. Nearly two dozen professors and more than 300 student-athletes from throughout the MAC member schools participated in the first program. Completing all five courses earned student-athletes a certificate in Transformative Leadership.

“Our innovative MAC institutions have stepped up with a powerful tool to enhance opportunities for student-athletes. The collaboration by MAC professors will ensure that our student-athletes are empowered for life beyond college as leaders in our dynamic and fast-transforming world.”

– Miami University President Gregory P. Crawford

Miami students succeed after graduation

Year after year, Miami University students succeed after graduation, expanding the Ohio economy, learning new skills and preparing for thriving careers.

For the class that graduated in 2019, 96% of undergraduates on the Oxford campus either secured a job, enrolled in a graduate program, served in the military, or joined a service program by the end of 2019. For those graduating from Miami’s regional campuses in Hamilton and Middletown in 2019, the success rate was 96.7%.

Other highlights of the 2019 “First Destination” survey

  • $53,792: average full-time salary of 2019 Oxford graduates
  • $52,099: average full-time salary of 2019 Miami Regionals graduates
  • 98.4%: success rate of Miami master’s graduates 
  • $58,028: average full-time salary of master’s graduates
  • 98.3%: success rate of Miami doctoral graduates
  • $72,721: average full-time salary of doctoral graduates

Students at Miami Regionals earn mini-degrees

Miami Microcredentials plaque. Choose your path.

The menu:

Miami Regionals offers 12 microcredentials

The goal:

Help participants enhance skills critical in today’s job market - leading to career advancement for Ohioans and a more dynamic economy.

The delivery:

Most courses are online, with some in a hybrid model.

The timing:

Up to two semesters to earn each credential

The audience:

Working professionals looking to burnish skills and advance careers

The connections:

Miami also is working with local companies to customize credentials for their particular needs.

“Microcredentials provide options to obtain market-driven credentials with an eye toward making students more employable in less time than a traditional degree program. With a focus on working adults, convenience is top priority.”

– Kristine Smith, microcredential program manager with Miami Regionals’ E-campus