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Media Reel

Video Categories

The Miami Online media team categorizes projects to help filter, schedule, and prioritize video production for online courses and programs. Projects may utilize a mix of these elements (e.g., motion and static graphic videos).

Motion Graphic Videos

Whether filmed on-location (on campus or locally) or in front of a green screen in our main studio, these videos utilize custom motion graphics to make course content more engaging and compelling for Miami Online students. This tier of media includes more significant post-production by the Miami Online team.

Static Graphic Videos

With minimal graphic customization, the instructional video content speaks for itself. Filmed against a simple backdrop in our Laws Halls studios, static graphic videos contain simple slides, images, or stock videos and assets selected by faculty. Instructors can also use our lightboard.

Elevating Faculty-Produced Videos

As faculty, you're free to self-produce instructional videos, but we can elevate these efforts by adding some polish and branding elements. You'll receive coaching on how to best record self-produced videos or Zoom meetings.

Special Projects

Special projects — generally requested by Miami University's executive leadership — include documentaries, marketing content, and professional education series, such as the miniMBA; the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion course; and the Miami Writing Institute. Given their reach, these special projects receive the highest production value.

How We Do It

If you partner with Miami Online to develop an online program, our video producers help instructors design, plan, and produce instructional videos that increase student engagement and success. There is a suite of video options to choose from, some of which we've outlined below.

On-Location Shoots

On-location shoots are ideal for field experiments/demonstrations, outdoor/indoor labs, movement/dance content, documentary segments, interviews, or specific lectures.

Studio Production

Our Laws Halls studios are great for more straightforward instructional videos, including lectures with slides, demonstrations, and interviews.


Do you like writing on a whiteboard while you teach? Do you need to make annotations or walk through a problem? This tool may be for you.