Microcredentials: Choose your path.

What are Microcredentials?

Microcredentials are an exciting, new initiative happening on the Miami University campuses. They are designed to create opportunities for anyone with an emerging educational (or skills) need - they can focus on broad, unmet needs in businesses, or they can be more focused on an individual’s need for a particular skill. 

Because microcredentials focus on specialized outcomes, skills or experiences, that make someone better qualified to do a particular job, their benefits are far reaching. Employees with updated skills and knowledge open up opportunities for promotion or a possible career change, while employers benefit through increased productivity and a better prepared workforce.

With its focus on working adults, convenience is top priority. Learning can be accomplished via online, in-person or hybrid courses customized to meet the needs of the individual or organization. They take less time to earn than a degree, and may or may not be for college credit. 



Interested in Earning a Microcredential?

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Student Microcredentials


Microcredentials provide options to obtain market-driven credentials, however unlike a full degree program, they are a toe-dip into higher education. The goal is to make you more employable - whether that means staying up-to-date on current credentials, seeking out a promotion or making a career change - in less time.

employer partnerships

Employer/Organization Partnerships

To be competitive in today’s market, organizations will form strategies to reposition themselves by bringing in new technology and innovation. The logical next step will be focused on developing current talent to meet the skills required of this growth. Microcredentials intends to support these strategies by generating outcomes that connect specifically to these workplace needs.

Faculty Microcredential


We believe microcredentials hold a significant place in Miami’s future. Why? With outcomes generated by our industry partners and content driven by our faculty experts, Miami is poised to make a significant impact in student and community success. If you have an idea for a microcredential – or if an external partner has communicated interest in developing a program with you – Department Chairs are welcome to complete our Microcredential Proposal Form.