About Miami University Regionals and CLAAS Alumni & Friends

Alumni staff working at the Nursing Alumni dinner checking students in.
Tonya Moryl with a student working during an alumni event.
 Yvette Kelly-Fields talking with people in the community
 Yvette and Kelly checking people in during an event.

Miami University Regionals and CLAAS Alumni & Friends - began in 2014 to serve and involve alumni of Miami University Regionals. We work throughout the year to provide meaningful connection opportunities for people who earned their associate or bachelor’s degrees from Miami Regionals, or took at least 20 credit hours at a regional campus.

Alumni opportunities include social events, professional development programs, volunteerism and alumni recognition events. These include our annual “Brewery Taste and Tour” for those who want to get involved socially, as well as our etiquette dinner for those who want to polish up their professional etiquette skills. For those interested in giving back, there are opportunities through our career panels, advisory boards and guest-speaking opportunities. 

Interested in volunteerism? Visit our Getting Involved page to learn more. 

Interested in attending one of our social or professional development events? Visit our Events page for listings. 

We look forward to connecting with you!