Ways to Get Involved

A female holding her diploma at graduation.

Your Miami diploma is an acknowledgement of your achievement and serves as your life membership card in the Miami family. As part of that world-wide family there are opportunities to become involved with campus life, helping to set the academic direction for the future and joining in our efforts to assure the future success of our students. Below are just some of the ways alumni get involved.  Some of the possibilities for engaging with Miami Regionals students and faculty include:

Career panels

Choosing a career direction based on your major can be stressful. Volunteering to be part of a career panel provides students with an opportunity to see their major in a real-world application. 

Speak to a class

Providing on-the-job perspective in an academic setting can show students how their academic effort translates to real world success. 

Serve on an advisory board

Serving on an advisory board gives you the opportunity to be on the front lines of the present work and future direction of our academic departments. 

Share your story

There’s no better way to encourage a student that they can be successful when they graduate than to share your Miami success story. MURALS develops stories with alumni that are presented through our social media channels, and in a physical presence on campus. 

Hosting student interns

Do you own or work for a company that could benefit from a student intern? MURALS can help connect you with career services to help you find the right intern for your needs, while helping them to learn the latest techniques in their field.

Refer a student

Know a student who would benefit from a Miami education just as you did? Refer them and one of our skilled admission professionals will contact them.