February 2015

Winter Term Lean Fair 2015

During the 2015 winter term, Miami employees had the chance to attend the inaugural university-wide LEAN Fair at the Farmer School of Business on January 16th. Nearly 700 representatives from around the university participated in learning about Miami’s approach to continuous improvement, Lean concepts, and Lean tools. This multi-divisional event provided the opportunity to share in a variety of activities and interactive courses presented by Finance and Business Services, Enrollment Management and Student Success, University Advancement, Information Technology Services, and Academic Affairs.

The Winter Term Lean Fair could not have occurred at a better time falling on the heels of Miami University’s recognition by US News and World Report as the most efficient school among national universities. This ranking is based upon a measurement of the quality of undergraduate academic education in comparison to spending. Although not the only reason for national credit, Dr. Creamer explained in the kick off introduction that Lean is a major factor leading to the success of Miami University’s mission to provide the best student experience. 

Attendees participated in a three hour session filled with a variety of activities including: understanding how Lean has helped to decrease on-the-job injuries while reducing workers compensation claims, incorporating lean practices into everyday work to save the university time and money, and learning how to offer a suggestion through the “I have a Lean idea” program. The most interactive educational space was the “green your ride” push button survey presented by the office of sustainability. In this class, attendees were given the opportunity to offer feedback to reducing Miami’s carbon footprint, while gaining a clearer perspective on how much of their pay is being spent on work travel. 

The 2015 Winter Term Lean Fair was a great beginning to a journey of continuous improvement. Special thanks to all those who devoted their time to the event: Kevin Ackley, Jim Baker, Robert Bell, Emily Berry, Sherri Bowling, Ravenna Brown, Jon Brubacher, Melanie Brunner, Anita Byrd, Betsy Davidson, Jeremy Davis, Ruchelle Dunwoody, Marjorie Foust, Stacy George, Nadine Glaub, Cindy Green, Paula Green, Ruth Groom, Jen Herman, Mike Jacquemin, Yvette Kline, Mark Lawrence, Cindy Lewis, Mandy Long, Joyce Looby, George MacDonald, Linda Manley, Connie McCarthy, Dana Miller, Sandra Mohr, Sarah Persinger, Jeff Pidcock, Chris Pirigyi, Scott Rein, Andy Rosenberger, Al Ryan, Laurie Sampson, Mike Savnik, Sherry Schilling, Angeline Smith, Becky Stephenson, Sarah Thacker, Steve Van Winkle, Jennifer Williams, Brian Woodruff, and Jeff Wyatt.

Certification News

Sarah Thacker has now completed all requirements for the Lean certification program and is now a Senior Lean Leader. Congratulations Sarah!