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September 2017

JDI Geothermal Soil for Clawson Hall

Believe it or not, dirt can be expensive! With the addition of numerous geothermal wells on Western Campus, excess topsoil was accumulated for disposal. At the same time, new walkways being built around Clawson Hall required topsoil to provide proper grading.

Physical Facilities had two separate projects but one project manager who saw the synergy. Marilyn Heflin recognized the benefit of using the excess soil from geothermal well drilling for the Clawson Hall project, saving nearly $55,000 in soil procurement and transportation costs.

This is just one more example of how the Physical Facilities Planning Architecture and Engineering division drives down the cost of a project while maintaining the campus aesthetic and quality standards.

Lean Infusion Student Engagement Tools

The Lean Infusion Student Engagement Tools team has been working to integrate students into the Lean community. With a goal to increase student involvement on Lean teams, the Lean Infusion team created a framework to assist managers and students with the incorporation of students into the Lean process. The tools developed as a result of the project will make it easier to recruit and work with students on Lean teams increasing the diversity of the teams and gaining a direct student viewpoint. The importance of this viewpoint can’t be overstated since HDRBS employs many student workers and directly serves students in the food service and residence hall operations.

As a result of this project, all HDRBS student employees will receive a presentation about Lean during one of their staff meetings. The presentation will explain basic Lean principles, how to get involved on Lean teams, and how to submit their own Lean ideas. All ideas submitted by students will then be reviewed by the HDRBS Lean Council.

Implementation of a pilot program will begin with the Rec Center Aquatics, Intramurals, and Goggin Student Programs offices. Once the pilot is complete, the project will be evaluated and adjustments will be made to facilitate a full release throughout Housing and Dining in 2018.

Lean Fair- Save The Date

Plans are currently being made for the 2018 Lean Fair. The “Faces of Lean” Fair will be held on Wednesday, January 17th in the Armstrong Student Center and will feature three themes: Administrative, Organizational, and Student and Faculty Success. If you are interested in volunteering or have an idea for a presentation or booth, please contact the Lean Initiative’s office. As a reminder, for certified Lean Leaders, volunteering at the fair fulfills the training requirement for continuing education.

Certification News

Jennifer Wood and Brandon Burke are our newest Certified Lean Leaders. They have completed all requirements for the Lean Leader Certification Program. Congratulations Jennifer and Brandon!