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TCPL Faculty Promotion Timeline

Effective 2018–2019

TCPL Timeline
Date Action
Early in the fall semester of the candidate’s fifth or later year of service in rank Candidate informs chair as well as the dean about intention to apply for promotion or later year of service in rank.
December 1 Candidate submits complete dossier to chair.
December-January Department (chair and committee, if one is in place) program or regional campus coordinator reviews dossier.
February 1 Letter from department (chair and committee, if one is in place) and candidate’s dossier are submitted to academic dean.
March 1 Dean submits all promotion materials (e.g., dossier, chair letter, committee letter, dean’s letter) sent to Executive Assistant to the Provost.
By April 30 Provost sends letters to candidates.

Note: If the deadline date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline date will occur on the following Monday.