Miami University Academic Support and Advising Association (MUASAA)

 Professor Lorigan from CAS wears protective goggles as he examines an experiment.
 EHS Professor Paula Saine works with a student
 CEC's Michael Bailey-Van Kuren with students
 Professor Dave Sobecki enjoys time on the plaza at Miami Hamilton
 FSB professor Wayne Speers working with students in his classroom
Tammy Kernodle, professor of music, is the 2018 recipient of the Benjamin Harrison award.

Connecting advisors with resources and each other to promote advising excellence.

Mission Statement/Purpose

The Miami University Academic Support and Advising Association (MUASAA) was created in 2015 as a way for individuals in the academic advising community to connect with one another. MUASAA is dedicated to supporting academic advisors at all university levels including faculty, professional staff advisors, academic support personnel, and other entities engaged in advising-related duties.

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