Bright Lights, Big City: Wall Street Week Immerses Students in High Finance

January 2012

Last week 24 Farmer School students "occupied Wall Street" during an immersion trip that highlighted the inner workings of New York City's financial district.

The Farmer School of Business hosts Wall Street Week in conjunction with the Royal Bank of Scotland. Students gain insight about global finance through visits and lectures at institutions such as the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the New York Stock Exchange, the trading floor at JP Morgan and other banks.

In a series of seminars students heard from experts, many of them Farmer School alumni, on equities trading, hedge fund and portfolio management, asset allocation and customer relationship management.

Students were selected for the program based on a competitive application process that considered GPA, courses completed and faculty recommendations. Most students who attend Wall Street Week are finance majors; some have an additional major in accountancy.

Jon Quintero is a junior from Avon Lake, Ohio majoring in finance. "The Wall Street Week trip allowed me to stand at the intersection between the academic concepts learned in class and their real-world applications," he says. "But more importantly, it showed me where I want to go in my career and what I must do to get there."

"Traveling in a select group of determined undergraduates interested in pursuing a job in the financial industry was an amazing experience," commented Christine Raley, a sophomore majoring in finance and minoring in economics and Mandarin Chinese. "Networking with Miami alumni in New York City expanded my professional opportunities for the future and I look forward to watching all of the relationships I made develop over these next few years and beyond."

Wall Street Week is held every January; in the fall the Farmer School hosts Chicago Finance Week. Thanks to relationships built during these programs, many Farmer School students are recruited to work at top investment banking and financial management firms.