Entrepreneurship Gears Up for Startup Weekend

January 2013

Want to learn what it takes to start a business, in one weekend? Whether you have an idea or just want to work on a business startup team to understand the 'how-to' of launching a business, Startup Weekend, February 8 - 10, can be a launch pad to your future.

Startup Weekend MU is a 48 hour immersion event that builds companies, teams, and insight. Participants will decide what they want to tackle over the weekend and come out at the end with several developed companies or projects. Attendees are responsible for bringing desire and passion to whatever project they work on and will walk out with a business prototype and the launch process roadmap.

Startup Weekend provides an unprecedented level of networking, team building, and learning for participants. There will be 5 meals provided, along with snacks, and a Startup Weekend t-shirt. Sometimes a company emerges, sometimes one doesn't. Some companies go on to produce revenue or get seed funding, but every time people leave with more experience, insight, knowledge, friends, and resources than they came with.

Miami Students who complete Startup Weekend will receive:

  • 1 hr of course credit for completing ESP 102: Startup Bootcamp (students must be at the event for all check-ins to receive credit)
  • Meetings with successful entrepreneurs, mentors and alumni
  • Understanding the process of launching a business and key issues to address
  • Networking with other like-minded members of the Miami community interested in starting businesses
  • Introduction to the Miami Student Venture Fund and local business incubators and accelerators
  • Exposure to the nationally ranked Institute for Entrepreneurship and opportunities for continuing your business ideas

For more information or to register, visit or email