Faculty Members Granted Promotion, Tenure

February 2013

The Farmer School congratulates several of its faculty members, who were successful in the promotions and tenure process this year. Their new status, approved by Miami's Board of Trustees today, will take effect July 1, 2013.

Gillian Oakenfull, of the Marketing Department, was promoted to full professor. Thomas Boulton (Finance), Sanjay Puligadda (Marketing), Drew Reffett (Accountancy), Pete Salzarulo (Management), and Dale Stoel (Accountancy) were promoted to associate professor and granted tenure.

Additionally, Jan Eighme (Accountancy) and Janice Kinghorn (Economics) have been promoted to Senior Lecturer status.

"Please join me in extending congratulations to these colleagues and friends. Their performance in and outside the classroom has proven them to be high quality teachers and scholars," said Farmer School Interim Dean Raymond Gorman.