Health care premiums likely to rise for most Ohio businesses under ACA

June 2013

John Bowblis, Assistant Professor of Economics, was quoted in an Insurance News Net article about the likely impact of the Affordable Care Act on Ohio businesses.

"The reason rates might vary so widely are tied primarily to the health care law's new rules for underwriting health insurance policies, which require insurers to weigh potential health risks for an entire community rather than a particular workforce", said John Bowblis, a Miami University economics professor and health expert.

"If you were a business that had a relatively young, healthy workforce, you would pay a lower premium based on the relatively lower risk of your workforce," Bowblis said. "Now, with the community rating, everybody is required to get the same premium."

"The premium is going to be based on the average risk of everybody in that community, so if you had an older sicker workforce paying higher premiums they may actually end up paying lower premiums now because of the community rating."

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