ESP Students Help Cohen reduce waste and improve profitability

June 2013

To most people, the terms "entrepreneurship" and "corporate" seem like oil and water. Students in ESP 467 learned differently as they tackled a business venture development project for Cohen, one of the largest ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling companies in North America.

Stephen Marck enjoyed the interaction with Cohen executives. "Having the leaders of a $600 million company advise my team throughout the project was a great opportunity to see how a company operates on many different levels. I feel like our proposal to Cohen provided value to their company and the decision they ultimately make on their wood waste issue."

For Justin Young, the ability to work with a real company made all the difference. "This project provided us with exposure to real business venture development. Instead of just applying what we have talked about in class to a project that didn't really make any significant difference to anything except a letter grade, our project could be completely implemented into Cohen's business plan and could start making an actual difference in the world. I consider this project to be a valuable experience for Cohen because we were able to apply the knowledge we have all gained from such a rigorous business school and use that as an outside perspective that the company wouldn't gain from anywhere else."