International students get a head start with new student org

September 2013

Last semester, thirteen international students founded a new business organization to support and provide opportunities for other international students. The International Student Advisory Council (ISAC) is the result of their passion to give back to the Farmer School community and to future generations of international students.

Sung Eon Kim, junior finance major and co-founder of ISAC, saw the need for such a group during his first years on campus. He and the other founders struggled to situate themselves in the community of Farmer and within their own majors, and they grew frustrated with the lack of resources available on campus to international students. He is confident that ISAC will provide an invaluable peer-to-peer resource for the students. "The council will help provide perspective on what these students are going through," he said.

ISAC will provide opportunities for international students to get involved with their studies and with their community. Planned activities include professional workshops and networking events specifically geared toward international students and helping them achieve their professional goals while they are here at Miami. ISAC will also invite different business organizations to speak with the students about getting involved at Farmer. These events and workshops will strive to help the international students bridge the culture divide that many of them experience.

ISAC will provide academic advising workshops that will allow students to explore their majors and discover what they are passionate about, which will lead to learning what they can do with their degrees. According to Kim, international students sometimes have trouble figuring out what they can use their major for, and these types of workshops will assist in that regard.

Kim hopes to garner support from the international student community as well as any staff member as passionate about helping these students. "We don't only support international students," he said. "Our goal is to make FSB a more diverse environment by giving international students opportunities to step out of their comfort zone and be involved in this community."

This Thursday September 19, ISAC is hosting an interview workshop in FSB 2041 from 7 to 8 p.m. The workshop is geared toward international students and will include such tips as how to handle culture differences during interviews. However, all students are welcome. For more information about ISAC and to get involved, please contact them at