PSE Project Team Helps Schneider Electric Plug In To Social Media

October 2013

From October 2012 to February 2013, junior marketing major Allie Engelhart and ten of her classmates were busy, but not just with schoolwork: they had a client deadline to meet.

Allie, who serves as Vice President of Public Relations for the business fraternity Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE), and her classmates participated in a project with Schneider Electric, a Fortune Global 500 energy management company, as part of a program sponsored by PSE. They were tasked with raising consumer awareness for Schneider's EVlink electric vehicle charging stations.

They created a Social Media Marketing Content Plan for the charging stations. The plan included Facebook posts, creative logos, and other marketing tools that Schneider will be able to use for their 2013 Global Marketing Strategy, along with the campaign to raise awareness for the EVlink stations, called Charge the World, Change the World.

In October of 2012, a first group of students came up with the bare-bones marketing plan—the Facebook posts, how often they would post, etc. Then a second group of students took that plan and ran with it, creating logos and campaign posts that would be used for the Social Media Marketing Content Plan. In February of this year, the students pitched their idea to Schneider - and Schneider loved it!

An important aspect of the campaign for Charge the World, Change the World is that it is philanthropic: every time one of the charging stations is used, a lantern is donated to a family in a third-world country."This was an unbelievable project that really shows Miami Students making a difference in the world," Allie said. "It was absolutely surreal to see how students on this campus are able to contribute content to such a prestigious company."

And Allie has even more to be proud about when it comes to the Schneider project: she was nominated for an award for "Top Project Manager" at Pi Sigma Epsilon's national convention - and she won!