An immersive experience in the Queen City

January 2017

Elizabeth Jenike

This winter term was a busy one for FSB students. Some studied in foreign countries, some took classes here on campus and some experienced business and creativity workshops in places like New York City and San Francisco. But one group of students discovered that they didn’t have to look very far to find amazing business connections and experiences. They were in their own backyard.

The Cincinnati Immersion Week program is a five-day opportunity that takes place in the heart of the Queen City and features visits to Fortune 500 companies including P&G, Luxottica, PNC with the Reds, Macy's and LPK. The goal of the program is to connect students with global brands and marketers/business practitioners, allowing them to build networks with Miami alumni and learn about the career opportunities each area has to offer.

Sophomore marketing major Madeline Falknor viewed the week at first as a way to occupy her time during the winter break, but she soon realized that it was more than that: It was a chance to explore the city she had lived in for most of her life and a chance to really appreciate Cincinnati for the great companies that have deep roots here in our community.

“We heard from so many company representatives throughout the week, so one of the most valuable aspects of the week was all of the connections I made,” Madeline commented. “I learned so much about the business environment within Cincinnati. I didn't realize how many large companies have offices in Cincinnati. There are so many jobs in this thriving area, so it would be a great place to look for a job after college.”

During the week, students were given group projects to complete based on the brands with which they interacted. Madeline’s group was tasked with the revitalization of P&G’s Old Spice brand. They conducted customer and database research in order to brainstorm a creative solution. At the end of the week they presented a product mock-up, commercial and slogan to P&G representatives, who gave them constructive feedback.

Other groups focused on different partners within the program and different marketing goals.

"My group was assigned to Macy's and our goal was to find a new customer base that they could target to increase foot traffic in their stores," said pre-med and finance double major Henry Fischesser. "We chose to target the millennial market by partnering with REI. I thought this project was the most valuable experience in the program."

The Cincinnati Immersion Week program allows students to get a feel for what the corporate employment environment will be like once they receive their degrees. It’s just another example of how the Farmer School is giving the best and brightest the opportunity to experience the world first hand.

Immersion Week participants at Macy Immersion Week participants group photo