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Book Series: Writing Research, Pedagogy, and Policy

The Howe Center for Writing Excellence is excited to announce a new book series: Writing Research, Pedagogy, and Policy. The series will be published through Southern Illinois University Press and edited by Dr. Elizabeth Wardle, Director of the HCWE.

Please see our overview and submission procedures below.


In the last several decades, innovation in Composition & Rhetoric has led to growth in writing and rhetoric doctoral programs, freestanding writing departments, and undergraduate writing majors, as well as the growing emphasis on conducting funded empirical research about writing (as one example, see the CCCC Research Initiative, initiated in 2004 to provide large grants to support research about writing). Yet there are relatively few book series publishing empirical work in composition. Thus, SIUP announces a new book series that provides a venue for publishing empirical research about writing.

The series, titled Writing Research, Pedagogy, and Policy, will publish cutting-edge scholarship about writing, broadly conceived, with a particular focus on scholarship that seeks to impact pedagogy, practice, and policy at various levels—K-12, post-secondary, national, and international. The series will take a particular interest in empirical research on programs related to the work of Howe Center for Writing Excellence, which the series editor directs.

The Howe Center for Writing Excellence was established at Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) in 2007 as the result of a $10.4 million endowment funded by Roger and Joyce Howe. Located in the main Miami library and reporting directly to the provost, its mission is to ensure that Miami graduates excel as writers in their professional and civic lives. Toward that end, it runs a writing center that provides consultations in five locations and online, and a series of writing across the curriculum programs and activities for faculty. Its writing center consultants engage in extended empirical research projects, and they also see a large number of international students.

In keeping with the spirit and purpose of the Howe Center for Writing Excellence, the series will show particular interest in empirical research on writing centers, undergraduate research in writing, writing across the curriculum programs, teaching writing to non-native speakers of English, writing-related professional development, writing assessment across the undergraduate curriculum, and collaborations between writing centers and libraries.

Books, which will be published in paperback, can take the form of monographs or edited volumes of essays by multiple authors. Manuscripts accepted for publication in the series will range in length from approximately 60,000 to 90,000 words.

The series will aim to publish between two and four books each year, with the goal of publishing two in most years.

Submission Procedures and Peer Review

  1. Each author will submit a detailed proposal for the proposed monograph, along with one sample chapter.
  2. If the proposal and sample chapter are in line with the series guidelines and are theoretically and methodologically sound, the series editor will work with the author to refine and create a revised proposal.
  3. The editor will then send the proposal and chapter to be evaluated by at least two qualified members of the Series Advisory Board, who will submit feedback with either provisional acceptance, request for revision of the proposal, or rejection.
  4. Approved proposals will be sent, with the sample chapter, to the SIU Press Editorial Board for approval. If the Editorial Board approves the project, the author will be offered an advance contract.
  5. When a complete manuscript arrives, it will be read by the series editor, who will decide if it is ready for external review. When deemed ready, the manuscript will be sent to two members of the Series Advisory Board for review. If no one on the Board has the necessary expertise for a given topic, the series editor and the acquisitions editor will select appropriate external reviewers from outside the Board.
  6. The series editor will provide her own reader’s report on each manuscript reviewed for the Series. This will be presented, along with the external review reports, to the SIUP Editorial Board. Manuscripts will be presented to the SIUP Editorial Board for final approval for publication when the series editor and at least one other reviewer recommend publication without significant revision.

Manuscript Submission

Proposals will be accepted beginning June 2017.

Send inquiries to Elizabeth Wardle (series editor) and Cynthia Johnson (editorial assistant) at

Series Advisory Board Members

  • Linda Adler-Kassner, UC Santa Barbara
  • Chris Anson, North Carolina State University
  • Dylan Dryer, University of Maine
  • Dana Driscoll, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Heidi Estrem, Boise State University
  • Jackie Grutsch McKinney, Ball State University
  • Jay Jordan, University of Utah
  • Susan Miller-Cochran, University of Arizona
  • Rebecca Nowacek, Marquette University
  • Mary Jo Reiff, University of Kansas
  • Tony Scott, Syracuse University
  • Jody Shipka, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Christine Tardy, University of Arizona
  • Kathleen Blake Yancey, Florida State