Healthcare Coverage

Miami offers health, dental, and vision coverage with options to choose that best fit your and your family's needs. Once you are enrolled, Miami and its insurance administrators offer various tools to assist you in taking ownership of your health.

Who is Eligible

Staff appointed to a position working at least 30 hours per week and for more than one semester at .75 FTE are eligible for Miami's benefits.

Who Can Be Covered

Dental and Vision Plans

For dental and vision plans, you can cover your legal spouse and/or your dependent children (through the end of the month in which the child turns 26 years old). You must submit required dependent documentation (see Qualifying Events for details).

Health Plans

Employees can cover a spouse on Miami's health plan if the spouse is:

  • unemployed.
  • self-employed and does not provide health insurance for anyone they employ.
  • self-employed and provides coverage, but pays more than 50% of the total premium.
  • retired and the only source of health coverage is Medicare.
  • eligible for retiree coverage, but required to pay more than 50% of the total premium.
  • employed, but not eligible for their employer’s coverage.
  • employed, but required to pay more than 50% of the total premium.

The Spouse Health Coverage form must be completed in order to cover a spouse on Miami's health plan. If spouse is employed or retired, the accompanying Employer Certification must also be completed and submitted.

You can cover your dependent children through the end of the month in which they turn 26 with required documentation.

Making Changes to Your Coverage

You can add dependents to your coverage and change your coverage level during the benefit open enrollment period in October for the following calendar year, or within 31 days of a qualifying events with appropriate documentation.

See My Life Events - Family Changes for instructions and requirements.

Effective Date of Coverage

Beginning the first of the month following the first day of employment or eligibility, or immediately if the first day of eligibility is the first day of the month.

Levels of Coverage

For dental and vision coverage, you may choose single (you only) or family (you, spouse and/or children) coverage. For health coverage, you may choose one of the following.

Single health coverage: you only
Employee Plus health coverage: you and spouse or you and child(ren)
Family health coverage: you, spouse, and child(ren)