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Call spoofing from Miami numbers: Don't be duped
University staff members have reported receiving calls from a number that looks like it's coming from Miami - but isn't.
Information security in the age of Facebook: Takeaways from Cambridge Analytica revelations
Revelations concerning Cambridge Analytica and Facebook push us to ask: What should Miami faculty and staff be doing to improve their online information security?
What does the Atlanta cyberattack mean for Miami University?
Cybersecurity is taken seriously here at Miami. Recent events highlight the importance of strong security practices.
Miami Cybersecurity Gets a Makeover
To strengthen Miami’s virtual security environment, a one-time allotment of $410K and a continuing budget increase of $200K was recently awarded.
Gaining cultural understanding: Chinese students take the stage
Information Services Diversity Committee and Ms. Chen Zhao of the Confucius Institute joined forces for a diversity event.
Gaming, coding, and chili: A portrait of a Miami developer
Application developer Emily Schmidt answered some questions for us for this month's profile.
Required Security Awareness Training Starting Soon
sans-logo-thumb.pngEarlier in March, Miami’s Security, Compliance, and Risk Management group began rolling out new online security awareness training to most faculty and staff.
The tech you take: Travel tips for techies
Vacations and stay-cations are made better thanks to technology. Here are a few useful tips for Spring Break.
IT Services Staff Impacts Local Toastmasters Chapter
Members of the Oxford Toastmasters group as of August 2017Oxford Toastmasters Club has been around for five years, and the local chapter is heavily influenced by Miami staff, in particular, a group from IT Services.