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Student Perspective: Myaamia Culture and Imagery Seminar and Curriculum Workshop
myaamia-dankerStudent Perspective: Myaamia Culture and Imagery Seminar and Curriculum Workshop.
Daryl Baldwin, George Ironstrack and Doug Lankford on preserving Myaamia culture, Nov. 3 (subscription may be required)
National Breath of Life Launches New Workshops
breath-of-life-washington-dc-2015.jpgThe National Breath of Life (National BoL) Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages announces new workshop initiatives to foster advanced archives-based linguistics research for language revitalization.
Miami Tribe of Oklahoma awarded national honor for cultural and language revitalization
honors-honoring-nations.jpgThe Miami Tribe of Oklahoma has received a prestigious national award recognizing its cultural heritage and language revitalization program.
Daryl Baldwin the revitalization on Myaamia language, Sept. 25 (subscription may be required)
David Costa assists in Mohegan language revitalization
Stamford, New Haven,, Sept. 2 (and other media sources)