Why I Chose My Major

Alexandria, Junior

I chose this major

"because I love the mathematical and social aspect of research, and how research can completely change social life. Also, because it's applied, I get to actually get my hands on something which is so much fun."

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Tanya, Junior

I chose this major...

"to have an opportunity to gain the education and knowledge about Psychology and the education of social science research. I would like to one day be a Mental Health Psychiatrist, and be able to understand the mental processing of it all, and how to do social research correctly and ethically."

Aja, Junior

I chose this major...

"because I am always questioning things. this gives me a chance to try and find the answers. Applied Social Research gives me a way to turn my natural noseyness into a career."

Zachary, Senior

I chose this major...

"because I am interested in getting a job in market analytical work. For many reasons (financial, scheduling, coursework, etc) I decided to pursue only a minor in commerce, as well as statistics. Once I made this decision, I was looking for a major that could tie these things together. When I was introduced to the Applied Social Research major, I thought it would work well with my majors."

Applied Social Research

Applied Social Research Students in front of their poster presentation.

Applied Social Reserach is a multidisciplinary skills-based degree seeks to provide students with a solid foundation in the social sciences and develop strong research skills.

Psychological Science

4 students sitting around a table during class talking to each other

The B.A. in Psychological Science is a popular and highly employable major that prepares students for careers in Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Counseling, Biopsychology, and many related fields.

Hands on Experience

SBS students sitting on the floor during their visit to the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati.

SBS students had to opportunity to visit the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati. 

The Clothesline Project

Different colored t-shirt hung up on a railing in the Gardner-Harvey library with text written on them from different students, faculty/staff and community members.

For Domestic Violence Awareness month both the Middletown and Hamilton campuses hung up t-shirts to address the issue of violence.