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Career Community

The Miami Regionals Career Community program helps you find your path. Our degrees are organized into Career Communities, or groups of related majors. Within each group, there are sets of courses and learning opportunities that prepare you to explore your talents.

Connect With Your Career Community

Choose a Career Community

Student works on herbarium art.

Arts, Communication, and Humanities

Do you enjoy expressing yourself creatively or communicating with others? The Arts, Humanities, and Communication Career Community help you gain relevant skills for various careers. This degree teaches you to think critically, with a historical perspective, communicate effectively, and develop a broad understanding of our world.

Mert Bal and Meena Narayan work in robotics lab.

Engineering, Math, and Technology

The Engineering, Math, and Technology Career Community is designed for students who want to better the world through technological advances or services. Jobs involving technology, engineering, and math are among the fastest-growing careers, and these majors will help you gain the problem-solving skills sought by employers.

Professor Nicely and students in nursing lab.

Health and Science

Whether you are aspiring to become a nurse or looking to lead the charge on a scientific breakthrough, our Health and Science Career Community will prepare you to make a difference as a true problem-solver. You’ll develop the critical thinking, communication, and technical skills needed to be successful in careers such as nursing, health care administration, laboratory research, and forensic science.

Student looks on in class with laptop.

Human Services and Education

Do you want to help others? In the Human Services and Education Career Community, you’ll learn how to think critically, communicate, collaborate, and solve problems, preparing you for a rewarding career in fields like community leadership, social science research, criminal justice, counseling, social work, or education.

Professor leads class in a lecture.

Leadership and Business

Are you drawn to a professional environment where you can collaborate with others? The Leadership and Business Career Community prepares you to work in a for-profit, non-profit, government, education, or healthcare setting. As you develop leadership and problem-solving skills, you can look forward to an exciting career in areas like management, sales, financial advising, investments, or entrepreneurship.

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MyMajors Assessment

Not sure which Career Community is a good fit? Take the MyMajors Assessment and receive a list of majors at Miami University that could be a good fit for you. These suggested majors can help you start developing career goals!

Keep Exploring to Find Your Career Community

If you haven't settled on a major or career path just yet, you can still join a Career Community! Our short quiz will help you decide which Career Community to join.

Take the Miami Regionals Career Community Quiz to learn more.

Courses in Common

Miami Regionals Courses in Common helps students connect to their peers, faculty, degree, and future. The tracks outlined within this program intentionally correspond with the needs and interests of each Career Community. Students who choose to take Courses in Common will be placed in two or more courses alongside other students in their Career Community. By participating in Courses in Common, students can experience a close-knit learning environment while also fulfilling Miami Plan requirements and making progress toward graduation.

Courses in Common allows students to:

  • Develop a sense of belonging at Miami University.
  • Build meaningful relationships with professors and classmates.
  • Establish a community with peers who are taking the same courses.
  • Take already-needed Miami Plan courses with a cohort of diverse individuals who share similar major or career interests.
  • Benefit from reserved seats in popular course sections.
  • Explore new areas of academic interest.