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Regional Primary Education Cohort (Grades PK-5)

Selected Students receive the following benefits:

  1. Four years of regional tuition rates at Miami University's Hamilton Campus
  2. Dedicated faculty advisors
  3. Cohorted experience
Cohorts, groups of students who work through a curriculum together to achieve the same academic degree together, allows for a more supportive environment that enhances students' knowledge and promotes continuous learning, reflection, and student networking.

Application Process:

All students interest in the Regional Primary Education Cohort (RPEC) must apply to Miami University Regionals and indicate Primary Education PK-5 as their program of interest or, if a student has applied to Oxford campus, the student must request to have the application sent to Regionals. Applicants will electronically receive an additional form to complete the Cohort application process. Students interested in applying for RPEC must complete the Cohort application form.

In order to be eligible for RPEC, you must be a first semester, first-time incoming student. No current or transfer students are eligible and no current or transfer will be admitted. The program admits new applicants each fall semester. This is a fall- only cohort. Students who start in the spring semester are not eligible for RPEC and can join the Oxford relocation program for education majors.

Priority Consideration:

Students who participated in a Teaching Professions Academy from the following high schools or attended a Miami University partner school will receive priority consideration.

Teaching Professions Academies* and Partnership Schools include:

  • Anderson High School*
  • Fairfield High School
  • Hamilton High School*
  • Lebanon High School*
  • Loveland High School*
  • Mason High School*
  • Milford High School*
  • Middletown High School
  • Mt. Healthy High School*
  • Princeton High School
  • Stebbins High School*
  • Sycamore High School*
  • Turpin High School*
  • West Clermont High School*
  • Winton Woods High School*
*Teacher Professions Academy partner school

Beyond the high school and program attended, other candidate considerations for entrance to RPEC include High School GPA, status as a first generation college student, student diversity, and application responses.


Please contact Alli Huff with questions regarding the RPEC Regional cohort:

Thesken Hall

Department of Education and Society

Middletown Campus
Thesken Hall 205MJ