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John P. Williams Family Fund

For Prekindergarten Education students with demonstrated financial need, upon graduation, the John P. Williams Family Fund will pay your Ohio Department of Education Associate Prekindergarten License fee in total. To learn more, contact Tracey Hoffman at or Garry Bowyer at

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for Prekindergarten Education majors include:

  1. Use knowledge of academic disciplines to design, implement, and evaluate experiences that promote positive development and learning for each and every young child. Candidates understand the importance of developmental domains and academic (or content) disciplines in early childhood curriculum
  2. Know the essential concepts, inquiry tools, and structure of content areas, including academic subjects, and identify resources to deepen understanding
  3. Use knowledge and other resources to design, implement, and evaluate meaningful, challenging curriculum that promotes comprehensive developmental and learning outcomes for every young child
  4. Identify and conduct themselves as members of the early childhood profession by knowing and using ethical guidelines and other professional standards related to early childhood practice
  5. Demonstrate knowledgeable, reflective and critical perspectives on their work, making informed decisions that integrate knowledge from a variety of sources
  6. Use a child development knowledge base, and demonstrate understanding of young children’s characteristics and needs, and of multiple interacting influences on children’s development and learning, to create environments that are healthy, respectful, supportive, and challenging for each child.

Thematic Sequences

FSW 4* | Children in Families

Students take the following courses:

  • FSW 245 Children and Families:Ages Conception-12
  • FSW 481/581 Adolescent Development in Diverse Families
  • FSW 261 Diverse Family Systems Across the Life Cycle Or FSW 381 Parent-Child Relations in Diverse Families

*FSW 4 is not open to students in Family Science and Social Work

Note: For students who enrolled at Miami prior to fall 2023.

Additional Course Offerings

We support many Oxford-based majors, minors, and thematic sequences. Although you can't fully complete these at the Regionals, you can take advantage of the flexibility, convenience, and affordability of our many course offerings.

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