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Department of Education and Society

The Department of Education and Society fosters a learning environment that encourages active student participation, critical thinking, service learning opportunities, and collaborative scholarly experiences. Our high quality instruction and field experiences will lead to careers in Disability Studies, Family Science and Social Work, Educational Psychology, Sport Leadership and Management, Kinesiology and Health, Teacher Education, and Educational Leadership.

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Prekindergarten Education

Whether you are looking to advance your career or are passionate about working with young children, earning your associate degree through our Prekindergarten education program is a great path for you.

Regional Primary Education Cohort

This highly-selective cohort is specifically for Regionals students looking to work in a PK-5 setting. The program is led by Oxford's Teacher Education Department and is housed at the Hamilton Campus.
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Relocation Option

This pathway not only provides flexible course offerings, but it is also a great value when considering tuition costs. You complete the first half of your degree program at the Regionals, and the second half at the Oxford Campus.

Give to the Department

The department is committed to providing access and opportunities for students through the flexibility, convenience, and affordability of our course offerings and programs. Additionally, students pursuing degrees in education need support as they prepare for their teaching profession. We have numerous scholarships, grants, and programs accepting contributions from donors like you. Together, we will transform tomorrow's learners and teachers.
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Department of Education and Society

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