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Oxford Relocation Option for Education Majors

Relocating Primary Education PK-5 Majors

  • Complete up to 5 full semesters at the Regionals
  • Relocate after completing Block #1 and other prerequisites in either Fall or Spring 
  • At least three semesters in Oxford - Block #2 (5 classes + field experience), Block #3 (4 classes + field experience), and Student Teaching (full semester)

*Talk to your advisor about prerequisites and requirements for transfer for each program.

Relocating Middle Childhood Education Majors (MCE)

  • Option to complete 3-5 semesters at Regionals and 4+ semesters at Oxford, depending on content area concentrations and preferences
  • Most students relocate in the Spring semester of Sophomore or Junior year to complete their program
  • Take Early Field Block (3 courses + field experience), Content Block (5 courses + field experience), and EDT442M, EDT448M, and Student Teaching on Oxford campus

*Talk to your advisor about prerequisites and requirements for transfer for each program.

Relocating Adolescent and Young Adult Majors (AYA)

  • Option to complete 3-5 semesters at Regionals, depending on concentrations and preferences with the exception of one prerequisite course (for ELA majors) taken either semester of Sophomore year on Oxford campus
  • Most students complete at least 3 semesters in Oxford
  • Option to relocate for Fall Methods Block (3 courses + field experience) in Junior Year, followed by the spring Methods Block (3 courses + field experience), and then a semester of student teaching in Fall or Spring semester of Senior year

*Talk to your advisor about prerequisites and requirements for transfer for each program.

Financial Aid and Campus/Class Options

Depending on program specifics, full time Regional students have the option to take a majority of their classes on Regional campuses, and the remaining classes on Oxford campus, for Regional tuition price during the same academic term. This option is available only before students relocate to Oxford in the second half of their program.  For example, take 3 non-blocked courses at the Regionals and 2 non-blocked courses at Oxford and a student would continue to pay Regional tuition. For more information and how taking classes on Oxford campus before relocation works with your program requirements, talk with an academic advisor.  

Students who are interested in the relocation option and have financial need can inquire about scholarship availability. There are both external scholarship opportunities, as well as university-based scholarships. Be sure to have a FAFSA submitted for Miami scholarship possibilities. For information about scholarship availability, contact Jennifer Mysona at  

Contact Information

For information about Oxford relocation and planning your classes, talk to your academic advisor. 

For extra help, contact Jennifer Mysona at

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